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Life’s a Beach

It’s true that Opera Boy and I save most of the bread heels. We freeze them and when the freezer gets too full, we have a perfect excuse to go to the beach. He gets a kick out of chumming for sea gulls. To his credit, he tries to do this away from the crowds. ;0)

If the beach of choice is Lincoln City, his first order of business is to buy taffy (alledgedly for the guys at work) and then we feed the gulls… enjoying the drama. After that we head to one of the places where we can fly our kites. Sometimes we get skunked… there are calm days at the coast more often than I knew before I had the kite habit.

When it’s calm, we walk. Watching the crazy-happy dogs and the slow progression of people weaving over the sand and sitting on the driftwood makes me happy. There are rock cairns and sand castles, feathers and shells and sea grasses. And sometimes, there are palm trees underfoot, right? Life is better with beaches in it.

Before the Crowds

Seven years is a long time to wait according to some people… Emily and James have been together that long and it shows in every way. They move like they are a part of each other. We went to the beach a few weeks ago to do some photos and I was struck, then, by their harmony… I guess that’s the only word I can use.

We had a very wet day last Saturday… it really took the guesswork out of the ceremony plans but Gray Gables has a nice hall on the grounds to cover that chance. We had built some portrait time into our schedule to take advantage of the garden but decided to do some upstairs in the original old house… the light was nice and the space was very private. After this photograph, I let them take some quiet time to themselves before the crush of friends and family.

Plan for the best day and roll with the day you are given… in the end, you are still marrying your best friend.

Ghost Forest

About 4 years ago, Opera Boy and I drove to Neskowin very early in the morning… we had a date with an unusually low minus-tide. An old forest that is usually submerged had made itself visible on the beach and word had gotten out. It was interesting and gratifying to see the number of people who made the trek to see it… knowing it would not happen often.

I chose to shoot it with one of my pinhole cameras… the image seems to translate more into a soft history than something sharp and clear. A history of trees turned to ghosts.

A Little Zen in the Afternoon


Opera Boy and I took a much needed day off today. Even with the gloomy skies, we drove west to the coast… no agenda but we packed our kites. Seaside was full of old Detroit Iron and seriously silly California Plastic. We hadn’t planned on taking that in but it was on the way to Gearhart so we strolled a bit with all of the other tourists, point and shoot in hand.

Four years ago, our first date was a kite thing on a very gusty September day. I didn’t know him outside of the gym at that point but I was intrigued that a grown man would go to the beach and fly a kite to calm down. Hmm.


I bought a stunt kite on a day when I had forgotten my regular kite…. it took a few sessions to get a feel for it. Now we trade it back and forth and I sense a chance to escape the real world for a bit with my hands in the straps. It makes me laugh out loud.
The stunt kite is one of the two handed/two string types….you don’t just put in the air……you move it all around. The zen comes from giving it up to it’s own wants instead of a tight control……arcs and swoops and dives, oh my!
A little like a good relationship?