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Anticipation Rules the Day

Anticipation is a mix of so many things. Nerves, certainly, but also joy, a little bit of slo-mo and some butterflies in your belly. I can feel it from where I stand. The bride is staying out of sight as the others are watching the guests arrive, their conversation light and intimate.

It’s a dusty August day at Camp Colton, a place of many tall trees… birds and chipmunks live there. This little space is set aside from the main event cabin, a quiet place for the women to get ready. I’m standing in the back of the room watching the light play on all of the parts of the scene, knowing it will be a moment maybe forgotten later. There are lots of big parts in a wedding day but it’s the little bits that enrich the history. I push the shutter button quietly so as not to break the spell.

I’m never sure if the players are aware of what’s ahead on a day like this. The general format is similar but each one has it’s own special arc of emotions. The entire crowd will play their parts and her own butterflies will calm as the daylight fades into the party. For now, walking through that sunlit door, she is about to join him in an entirely new journey. Sure, it starts with a wedding but a marriage is what is being born here.

City Light


Love and luck go together if last Saturday was any measure… Cait and Matt had just finished with the family photos inside at the University Club. The first day of Fall was coming in windy and wet so they were feeling lucky to have planned an indoor wedding. A few moments later, the rain stopped so we grabbed a couple of umbrellas and ventured out for a little portrait time. The soft light bouncing off of the buildings gave new meaning to the term lucky… we have so many wonderful pictures to choose from! It didn’t hurt that they both looked smokin’ hot in tuxedos! Maybe a new trend for brides? ;0)

I love my job!!