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Brides Rule!


Brides Rule the Day at the Jupiter Hotel! It should have been the headline on the Sunday morning paper this weekend!
My two cool brides, Melissa & Mia, brought such a confident spark to their wedding day that the crowd was more involved than many I have seen. It was really great to see the level of happy going on. I can’t wait to work through all of their images… it’s going to make me smile all over again.

In all of this, I finally had a chance to work with the delightful Melissa Coe, an officiant held in high regard here in Portland. I was not disappointed and as we chatted a little during the day, I was pleased to find a kindred spirit in her. Not all wedding vendors are created equal so when I find the ones that fit, I am elated. ;0)

Getting married? I’d love to talk to you!

Rainy Day Girls

Alexis and Kim had one of those lovely days where plans got shifted back and forth by the weather but through it all, they remained rock steady and in love… something you hope to see in any couple as they embark on a life journey.

I happen to be one of many who thinks that people should be able to marry the one they love. Period. With any luck, this world will come to see that there are no rules in this except the ones written by the heart.

Oh, for a Sunny Day

November has been quite dark… made darker for me by the face-in-computer-time, I’m sure. More than half of my brides this year were after August and before November. That makes for a lot of work all at once. Sometimes all of that work backs up in my brain and wakes me at 4:00 AM… I worry it like a manic terrier of some sort and then whoever is in charge up there wanders off to look at other things. Last night, my brain took me back to California… Laguna Seca in 2007 to be more specific. It wanted to look at this old taxi cab again… the old De Soto reminds me of so many crayons in the sunlight.

In a Circle of Friends

Kirsi was the bridesmaid with the sweetest smile at an early wedding in 2007. Three months later, I was pleased to see her standing up for another bride of mine… both crowds were great. When she called last year to tell me she and Tony were getting married, it honestly felt like a family connection.

Fast forward to 2010 and we have a fine, if damp, day at Edgefield… there are happy, familiar faces everywhere. The theme is mushrooms… programs and table decorations taken from their hobby of mushroom hunting. Tony likes photographing the various exotics he finds in the wilds of our beautiful Pacific Northwest and, of course, they harvest the edibles.

Some of the most beautiful mushrooms are communal by nature… I think it’s interesting that these two found each other in a shared circle of friends.
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No pictures in this post

Just a heartfelt thanks to a colleague who is becoming a good friend.

Randy Kepple is a fine photographer in my local circle…his work speaks for itself but I am here to talk about his willingness to help other photographers.

In terms of  professional camaraderie, Portland has been an unusually chummy town as far as I can tell. For at least 15 years, the best and brightest have been on a social cruise….yes, there are ebbs and flows within our circles, some people hang out more than others and some just skim the edges but, mostly, we all feel pretty free asking questions, sharing technological details, and just providing moral support for each other. I don’t know too many other cities with this sort of long term dynamic. One of the most important things to come out of this group is professional back up. I doubt many brides give it much thought but I always have the ‘if I get hit by a bus’ conversation with mine. The clients need to know that if something happens to me, there is a group of professionals out there who will figure out how to get her wedding covered at her original agreement without sacrificing the style of work she was hoping for.

Randy Kepple and JP of AJ’s Studio joined Craig Mitchelldyer to forge a communal blog for 24 of Portland’s best wedding photographers. I believe these guys slept standing up for at least two weeks. The result is a great blog called My Portland Photographer…. check it out.  It launched at the beginning of March and has been going gang busters ever since. We have a great pool of talent in this town! These people are passionate and professional…these are not your weekend warriors… these are not your Craig’s list newbies.

Back to Randy. I had recently taken on the task of updating my ancient web site…a daunting task especially for a non geek like myself. I was doing pretty well with my template and advice from many of my colleagues…. pretty well, that is, until I started to look at the blog set up. My brain froze. I called Randy as he is one of about 3 gurus I can ask about the complex stuff and he basically held my hand for a week and a half to get this thing set up. He was in new territory for parts of it and he just kept plowing forward. I would most certainly be blogless if he hadn’t helped. He may not realize how much help and advice he made available. I know he has a life of his own and a business to feed…if I can ever return the favor of his time, I will… no questions asked.

Magic in the vineyard…

mt374blogMeg and Trevor had originally planned to have their wedding at Portland’s Art Museum. They found out that the Park Blocks would be home to a huge event that day…music and food and many, many people. Decisions were made to move their wedding. Long story short, a family friend offered them his private vineyard near Dundee…a pretty space lined with trees and rimmed with lines of grapes up the slope. No electric, no bathrooms, no nothing. Oh my.

Well, you might say…that seems like a lot of work. You’d be right.

This most perfect day came  together because they hired the best of the best. Vibrant Table Catering brought in everything, including the must have checkered dance floor. Francoise Weeks was given free rein to make flower art…everywhere you turned, there was another unique floral gift. Andrea Hoyt , of August Veils was on hand to keep Meg’s dress fresh and the bridesmaids up to speed…she is wonderful to work with!  There were members  of the Portland Opera for the ceremony and Pepe & the Bottle Blondes to keep the dancers warm later. Salmon on the grill and amazing little dessert plates to go with  the rice krispies cake. Soiree did a phenomenal job of lacing together all of  the pieces…I mean this party ran like a good clock!

Take a look…at the end of the day, this is about hiring people you can trust to do what they do best.