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Ripley and the Lacy Wedding Dress


The lacy wedding dress was hanging in the window above the bed in a tiny space full of bridesmaids… supposedly out of the general foot traffic and harm’s way. Champagne was being passed and the girls were helping each other with zippers and sashes as Ripley made his way to the bed… he had noticed something new in the room and, as cats will, decided to check it out. Halfway across the bottom of the train, his claws picking up bits of lace, Christie, my cool and collected bride, caught him up just in time. The look on his face tells me he wasn’t expecting to be noticed. Such a silly cat. ;0)

Christie put on her lacy wedding dress and got married to Matt in his fabulous suit on a hot afternoon in late July … I can’t wait to share the whole day with this couple! They were a lot of fun!

All the Pretty Ladies


There were bridesmaids scattered all through this sunny little house… all of them in various stages of getting ready. In this room, Jac, the bride, was helping her flower girl check her fancy new hairdo before they got dressed. The transformation from girl next door to stunning bride comes at you pretty fast… it’s the best part of the getting ready pictures. Makeup and hair are already done, the dress is hanging nearby like a promise and the excitement is high. Jac slept in this little house down the road from the ceremony site the night before… she confessed that she had to move her dress where she couldn’t see it… she could not sleep in the same room with it. When her ladies were dressed, they all gathered in one of the bedrooms to help her into that dress… holding her breath, she turned to the mirror and the look on her face said it all… it was perfect!

The only minor glitch was that her flower girl really preferred her Crocs to the glittery pair of sandals… that took some sweet talking. ;0)

Come see me if you’d like to talk about your wedding plans… there are so many wonderful ways to go about it!

Barefoot at the Overlook House

Got a nice phone call from a bride’s mom the other day asking if I could make a print for her home. The first thing she said was “Do you remember the barefoot wedding?” I had to laugh because I did… it was 15 years ago but I answered her right back by asking “It was at the Overlook House, right?” Her turn to laugh. I clearly remember that everyone was barefoot except the two teenaged bridesmaids… they tottered around the sunny lawn on very high heels. ;0)

The one she wanted a print of was one of my favorites from the day… we had a nice scan made of the negative and I’ll have a print for her by tomorrow. We chatted a bit after the business part of the conversation… Kristin and Tim have children now and a very solid, happy life. I always like to hear that.

Magic in the vineyard…

mt374blogMeg and Trevor had originally planned to have their wedding at Portland’s Art Museum. They found out that the Park Blocks would be home to a huge event that day…music and food and many, many people. Decisions were made to move their wedding. Long story short, a family friend offered them his private vineyard near Dundee…a pretty space lined with trees and rimmed with lines of grapes up the slope. No electric, no bathrooms, no nothing. Oh my.

Well, you might say…that seems like a lot of work. You’d be right.

This most perfect day came  together because they hired the best of the best. Vibrant Table Catering brought in everything, including the must have checkered dance floor. Francoise Weeks was given free rein to make flower art…everywhere you turned, there was another unique floral gift. Andrea Hoyt , of August Veils was on hand to keep Meg’s dress fresh and the bridesmaids up to speed…she is wonderful to work with!  There were members  of the Portland Opera for the ceremony and Pepe & the Bottle Blondes to keep the dancers warm later. Salmon on the grill and amazing little dessert plates to go with  the rice krispies cake. Soiree did a phenomenal job of lacing together all of  the pieces…I mean this party ran like a good clock!

Take a look…at the end of the day, this is about hiring people you can trust to do what they do best.