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The To-Do List


Everybody’s got at least one, right? Well, how about the To-Do List on your wedding day?

You have seen the lists in every bridal magazine out there and you have dutifully kept a running notebook to keep your list manageable, right? Are you with me so far? On the day of your wedding there are some things that should have been done just to keep you from tipping over into insanity. The vows should be written and transcribed into whatever format you plan to use… doesn’t matter if it’s a nice paper on a fancy clipboard or a Kindle. What matters is not having to do it at the last minute. Stress is not a good thing on a wedding day and every little bit of non-stress is wonderful.

In the week before, your To-Do List should have clipped the tags off of any clothing… it should have taken care of manicures and pedicures. It should have figured out the seating chart and it should have packed your necklace and earrings in a place where you can actually find them. And don’t forget the socks, belts and ties on that list. Lots of the little stuff on the list will take up a great deal of time and energy if it goes sideways on your wedding day.

Wishing you a happy and carefree day!

Cannon Beach and the Love of Your Life


Cannon Beach on a bright Saturday afternoon… pretty much a winner!! Cassondra and Reece lucked into a sunny June day for their wedding on the beach… they made a driftwood arbor and surrounded themselves with friends and family. The only hard parts in the planning were working around the tides and working around the crowds that flood this tiny town on pretty summer days. The rest of the planning was chock full of sweet little details and a really great a cappella group. The Cannon Beach Community Center was the choice for their reception and it was decorated to the hilt with beachy goodies like saltwater taffy and sea glass scattered among the netting and the shells on each table.

Cassondra’s dress was the reimagined dress that her mom wore in 1974… it was perfect for her. There was new beading and lace and a lot of love put into the redesign… a special family friend was responsible for most of that. She couldn’t be at the wedding but maybe these pictures will help her know how beautiful it was.

Meanwhile, amidst all of the details and the sunshine, these two sealed their sweetness in such a way that you know it will go on forever… they have been a couple for a very long time and will continue to travel well together… I imagine Cannon Beach will forever be a special place for them. ;0)