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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

morningcall1972…there lived a little girl with an old camera. Her parents had cameras, too. Her sister had a big box of paints. Off of the worn blue kitchen there was a tiny bathroom. Her father converted it into a tiny darkroom and there was magic learned.

She named the darkroom Oz.

The years pass quickly…she finds herself in the next century still working in a darkroom named Oz only this one has a big blue monitor instead of an enlarger. It seems to be chock full of images and every one can take her back in time to the day the button was pushed… a slice of life kept for later.

My camera life has been just that — a chance to bring home parts of my experiences. I can share them with others, sometimes I can make people smile. This approach seems to work well for weddings and portrait work and certainly for my personal work.  I have been a free lance professional for 22 years but photography has been my craft and my joy for about 43 years.

In this blog, I hope to share what I do and give you a good sense of who I am.

The Morning Call was a revered cafe in the French Quarter of New Orleans…I was lucky to spend some time there before they uprooted it to the suburbs. The city lost something in that move.