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Old School Traditions


A few old school traditions are alive and well in today’s wedding world. Even as the bouquet toss and the garter are beginning to fade, there is still a late part of the evening where one of the old traditions lives on.

After the major festivities, you’ll notice a group of guys, sans jackets, head for a corner outside of the venue… they are as relaxed as they are going to be on this long day. It’s almost always the best man who hands out the cigars and he is usually prepared with a cutter and a lighter. The conversation is quiet and it always feels like the men are channeling their older selves as they offer a different sort of toast, a race well-run sort of congratulations to the groom.

Of course, the mood swings in a different direction when the women start to join in. The pictures change, too. ;0)

It’s a favorite part of my camera work even if it makes my nose itch!

Cigar Night

I’m not sure what happens in the minds of men when someone hands out cigars… it always seems to translate to a sudden boldness, maybe even impudence. Since it’s almost always in a small crowd, I seek it out with the camera… guaranteed to get something a little different. Something a little old-school macho. ;0)

For those of you who look at my images from a technical standpoint, this one is from the Dark Ages of Digital… most of you have camera phones with twice the power of this one. However, I now have the new Lightroom 4 and I am here to tell you that even borderline little jpgs can be worked around in a remarkable fashion with the new software.