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Summer’s Cathedral

Just last week, the light seemed to start slipping away a little earlier… what used to be 9:00 is now a little before 8:00… it also becomes slanted and more sharply shaped. I am aware but never unfazed by the changes.

Ashlee married Micah in the lovely side garden of the Lewis River Golf Club last weekend… a charming couple… young, excited and very much in love. We waited until right before dinner to go down by the river for some portrait time. Micah was barefoot in no time and skipping stones across the dark water with Ashlee laughing on the bank. From there we spent a little more intimate picture time in the garden where they had promised to love each other forever.

Music of the Heart

Sherman is a mountain of a man. It was a sweet surprise to find him so tuned into the emotions of the day… his tender attention to Johannah was blazing in the August light. As the evening cooled, he brought the crowd to it’s knees when he sang A Ribbon in the Sky for his beaming bride… a voice to match the heart.

This work gives me the best sense of people… it gives me hope for a better world.