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Expectations don’t end just because the wedding is over. The details and all of that planning are just the beginning and lots of couple heave a great sigh of relief when the day is done. For just about all of your vendors, the work is done before the wedding. The huge exception is your photographer and your video team, if you have one. As a photographer, I try to make sure my clients understand, going in, that the process after the big day is a relatively time intensive thing. If you add that to the line-up of weddings according to seasonal surges, you can expect to wait a bit for your wedding pictures to be properly finished.

So here we are on the edge of the busiest season… Summer is winding down and Fall weddings are beginning. Still busy but not quite as stacked up. I just sat down to write a letter to each of my September couples… they have had a little time to relax and reflect and I want them to know when to expect the images that we made. To that end, I have included two or three teasers for each… something they can print and put in a frame or throw onto Facebook for now. I know they have tons of pictures from their friends but I know they are waiting for my work. ;0)

The question for you is, have your vendors made it clear how the process works for each part of your plans? If not, then take a few minutes to ask them. True professionals can give you a solid set of expectations and that is worth a lot.

A New Twist


We mapped out the wedding timeline sitting at my kitchen table… when I asked Cait and Matt if they wanted getting ready photos, they said no so we decided that the day would start with them seeing each other for the first time. Arriving early at the University Club, I found them decorating their chuppah, still in jeans and sweaters. We staged our gear and started covering some of the details and the lovely architecture while they went upstairs to change. After a bit, I went up to ask Cait a question and found them helping each other dress… well, I stayed through the very precise bow-tie process and we decided that it would be really silly to go through a fake first meeting. ;0)

I love the people I get to work with… for the most part, they are happy and flexible as the day unfolds in front of them and it makes for the best pictures possible.