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Come With me, My Love…


If you were to start humming “The Sea of Love” as you looked at this picture, you’d start to feel the doo-wop swing of the hips and see the slow shuffle of the feet… and then you would start to smile. Well, you should have been in the room as this wedding party gave a surprise performance for the bride and groom… it was stellar!

Mariesa and Tyson chose Edgefield’s Blackberry Hall for their vintage wedding. Guests were invited to dress retro and and the turnout was perfect. Decorated with old books and seashells, the tables were full of friends in hats and gloves… dinner had been eaten and this great group brought the house down. When I turned around for the picture of the couple and the room around them, people were on their feet, cheering and clapping… I’m so glad I got to be in on it! There was no stopping the party that followed. ;0)

My advice to anyone getting married is to do it the way you want to do it… there really aren’t any rules except for the loving each other part, right?

A Surprise for Michael


Inge called me to say that her husband was about to have a birthday… a milestone sort of birthday. She wanted to do a portrait for him so I suggested Edgefield and I could hear her smile over the phone. She and Michael got married there in 1998. Several years later, Michael had called me to do a surprise session for her birthday there… the girls were much younger then. So it seemed like the perfect continuation to go back to Edgefield for these pictures. Luckily it a place of many moods. ;0)

One of the best things about my job is watching the histories pile up… it feels very good to be a part of that.

The Sea of Love

Mariesa and Tyson had the most delightful take on the vintage thing that has been trending in our wedding world for the last couple of years. No mason jars or anything cliche in any way… the tables were decorated with old books and succulents laced with seashells and candles. The best part was the full-on participation of the crowd… lots of interesting clothes and some of the best music ever!

I love my job!

Strength of Character

I read the paper every morning and I try not to get sucked down into the gloom and stupidity around us… it’s not always easy to imagine the World having a good day, you know? What lifts me up again are the couples like Mariesa and Tyson… two strong people who can stand on their own and believe that they are moving in the right directions… heads high and having a fine time, thank you very much!

Vintage flavored the entire day… vineyard courtesy of Edgefield.

In a Circle of Friends

Kirsi was the bridesmaid with the sweetest smile at an early wedding in 2007. Three months later, I was pleased to see her standing up for another bride of mine… both crowds were great. When she called last year to tell me she and Tony were getting married, it honestly felt like a family connection.

Fast forward to 2010 and we have a fine, if damp, day at Edgefield… there are happy, familiar faces everywhere. The theme is mushrooms… programs and table decorations taken from their hobby of mushroom hunting. Tony likes photographing the various exotics he finds in the wilds of our beautiful Pacific Northwest and, of course, they harvest the edibles.

Some of the most beautiful mushrooms are communal by nature… I think it’s interesting that these two found each other in a shared circle of friends.
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