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Men on Burnside


1987 was a good year for getting out with my camera. I had taken the gigantic step of giving up my day job at Jake’s Famous Crawfish to make photography a full time thing. I knew it would take some doing to get it going but the transition also gave me new chances to work on my own art. My photographer friend, Don Hamilton, suggested that we head out one afternoon and we found ourselves in an old warehouse on the west end of the Burnside Bridge. It had always caught me because the windows were full of mannequins… piles of them. Inside was a jumble of light and limbs. Some were old, some new… some oddly staged and some, very obviously forgotten. Don and I spent a couple of dusty hours there… lots of film got used that day but this one has been a favorite for a long time. Last I heard, the mannequins were moved to a property in Linnton but I have yet to find it… maybe I should stop and ask sometime.

Little Bits


It didn’t really start until last Spring… that nagging feeling that I was missing out on some of the fun. Seems like everyone at the party always has one of these things and I wanted to play, too. Now when I cover a wedding, my iPhone is always in my pocket, ready to take a slightly different version of the day. It gives me another flavor of film, if you will, to bring to the table. Mind you, it’s not what I have in hand for very much of the day but when it’s appropriate for the shot, why not?

When you get right down to it, the tools of the trade are many but it’s the eye that counts. ;0)

Time Will Tell

Some images that I post are from quite some time ago… given the new tools and the learned skills, I like to see how different the images can be from my original working. Meg and Trevor got married in 2006 and it seems like a lifetime back in my digital world. The cameras have improved immensely and the range of the tools in PhotoShop are so much more sophisticated… it’s a treat to pull an old file and run it new again. I don’t know if this is something other photographers do or not. I used to do it with my negatives as my darkroom skills improved… even film wasn’t a static thing.

I guess it’s like a good marriage… you learn as you go, you polish the old things from time to time… you remember.

A Little More

25 Random Things….

1. I always wish upon a star ….starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight….

2. Born in Alameda at the Naval Station, 8 years in Santa Rosa, California, 13 years in Salem, Virginia, 3 years in New Orleans’ French Quarter, 1 really, really long year in Atlanta, 3 years in Boston’s Back Bay, 36 years in Portland and still in love with this town!

3. Dad and I ran road rallies and auto-crosses as members of the Old Dominion Sports Car Club in Virginia.

4. I have owned my MBGT for 36 years and it was my only car until 2013 ….. it was 7 when I bought it.

5. I have a healthy green thumb and I’m not afraid to use it.

6. I miss film.

7. I chose to skip college so that I could make pictures in different places so I went to work behind a bar… 15 years later, I was the first woman to wait tables at Jake’s Famous Crawfish….my glass ceiling work is done.

8. I love learning new things…..lucky for me Digital keeps changing.

9. Glass half full to a fault……very Pollyanna!

10. I expect people to be real and true and I am always surprised if they aren’t.

11. There were peacocks up the hill from our house in Santa Rosa.

12. I love and miss unstructured time.

13. I had a cool german camera with a folding bellows when I was 12….back when my parents picked up the tab for film.

14. Heaven is a shady spot on a summer day with a book and a breeze.

15. Me and my sweetie like to play hooky and drive to the beach to fly kites…..very zen for me….I have one of those two string stunt kites. I don’t crash it much anymore.

16. One life goal is to learn to cook more wonderful things….my repertoire is small.

17. I will never be confused with Martha Stewart…..entertaining freaks me out.

18. I have a younger and very talented sister….she cooks and paints.

19. I love yard work if there’s no pressure…….again with the not Martha Stewartness.

20. I used to have a much better gym ethic but I am working on it again.

21. Hot Flashes R Us

22. I love to look at people in hats…..good hats, not every hat.

23. Dark chocolate is the only real chocolate.

24. If I were rich, I’d still be a photographer.

25. I am very rich in friends. Lucky.

Lions and tigers and blogs! Oh my!!

aliens_blogWell, I’m not sure if this a a loose ends thing or just separation anxiety but I had to do it.

Yesterday was the full launch of my new website. It meant saying goodbye to my very old but much loved site… an unnerving process. It’s a little like that really soft, corduroy shirt I can’t seem to give up… it’s hanging in the back of my closet, elbows pretty thin and it certainly doesn’t fit me anymore but it’s that corduroy shirt.

The new site works well and looks pretty snazzy. Most importantly, I have the skeleton key so if I need to add or change images, I can do so and that is a real luxury. I wrote to my original designer to tell her about the switch and I could read the smiles in her reply… we had a good run. The old site was 7 years old which is like dog years in the tech world… you can look at the images and see a huge shift in quality alone. The old images were mostly film, of course, and scanned from prints which means all sorts of losses compared to today’s shoot and upload directness.

The new site will be a little sparse for a bit…I have just a few wedding galleries on there for now.  I had hoped to come out of the gate in full stride but it will take some time to do it right and that makes a difference to me. The plan is to add more weddings and rework my portrait and personal archives with new galleries for those as well. The end result should tell you that I am capable of a range of good work. 

Today, I pulled all of the old site jpgs out of their dusty folder and put them up into 3 small web galleries in case you want to see them. There is one for weddings, one for portraits and one for my personal work….the stuff I do for me. The shot above was an infrared day in Seattle with some good friends.I really miss infrared film but it’s nice to revisit it from a good scan like this one.

I hope you can see past the low resolution issue in the old site and just enjoy the content. As soon as I can get my taxes done and my other clients caught up, there will be new galleries to explore. And maybe my lawn will get mowed.