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Google Search


Time to dress up? Might be just the time to do a Google search for the tricky bits. Hannah had a long, gorgeous teal sash to go with her wedding dress and after a few failed attempts, her mom went online to google the process… a few minutes later, they were able to finish the sash and fine tune the bow in the back. Aria offers a few sash styles to choose from.

I ran into this same situation a few years back with a group of groomsmen… a bow-tie can be a pretty foreign concept these days and a Google search offers several really good guides for working with just about any style of tie. The Art of Manliness is a good place to start for various dressing tips.

Personally, I think you should do the homework ahead of the wedding day so that you can avoid that sinking feeling as you realize that time is running short. ;0)

Get dressed and have fun!

Ten White Dogs

New Mexico was a game changer in my life.
In 1994, I stashed most of my ego into a back pocket and signed up for a workshop in Santa Fe… it was a little rough for a very short time. My photographic education was completely homespun to this point. My parents were both serious photographers, if not full time professionals… they had vision and enthusiasm to spare but technique, in our small house, was limited. So I brought a bit of a chip to this class and discovered, to my delight, that I was in a crowd of my peers… we were all there to fine tune a thing we already knew.

Long story short, I found that a solid week of photography and photographers was a balm to my inner skin… no phones, no real housework, no outside life… no contest.
The textures and light that make up Santa Fe and it’s near neighbors were a healing time to me and they return to tease my mind on many a grey day here.

My teacher that amazing week was Kent Barker. Out of Dallas at the time, he was subtle and easy to talk to… a sweet sense of humor, his work was very strong.
He took us two hours north of Santa Fe to his friend’s art gallery in Tres Piedras… a hot pink adobe schoolhouse sitting all by itself on the Taos Mesa.
Imagine 18 photographers, 10 white dogs and a stormy afternoon sky… it was like a dream.

New Mexico pulled me back for many trips in the next seven years. I went until I couldn’t afford to go again but I am not done.
My camera will dance under those wide skies again some day.