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First Dance


The first dance as newlyweds is always pretty special. As I watched Shannon and Amos twirling across the floor at the Armory, their smiles kept getting brighter and, soon, the whole crowd was smiling with them. That kind of happy is contagious and that is a good thing. ;0)

I know that when we think of destination weddings, we think of places other than Portland but if the couple and most of the guests are coming in from out of town, that makes this a destination wedding, right? That means our job as local vendors is to make these people happy to be here. Portland’s Armory, also known as the Gerding Theater at the Armory, is a fine place to stage a wedding. I must confess that I was surprised to have a mid-July couple having an indoor event… so many of our local couples are hell bent on vineyards and gardens for their summer nuptials because the weather is finally ready to cooperate. This couple, from New York, were actually quite lucky to be at the Armory… that weekend was one of our recent high 90°s spells. Once inside this sturdy old building, everyone was very comfortable.

A first dance in a cool and interesting space filled with your family and friends… what’s not to like? Come talk to me if you are planning a wedding… there is plenty of information to share. ;0)

A Private Dance Before the Reception


Ty and Lamar were still a little giddy from the wedding at the Academy Chapel and the marching band that took the crowd to the Brickstone Ballroom. As the guests went into the party, these two took a small detour to their favorite wine bar for a glass of champagne and a short breather… we stepped into the next room for a picture and Lamar said he wanted to play the first dance. Watching them, I don’t think it was a case of nerves about the ability to dance as much as it was a chance to really connect again before they were washed into the greater sea of friends and family waiting down the street.

A sweet break for some portraits is often an unexpected welcome on a jam-packed wedding day… I see it almost every time and my clients always comment on it, thankful for a chance to be together before the crowd… maybe you should keep that in mind when you sit down to plan your day. ;0)

Got a little time? Come check out my work… I’d love to talk to you!

Unplugged in Paradise


There are two or three parts of every wedding where you might hope that your guests are actually involved in the emotional conversation… where they are watching and feeling your wedding right along with you. More and more, I see heads down or obscured by devices… during the ceremony, people will actually stand in the aisle during the kiss or walk backwards during the recessional so that they can have the happy couple on their phone video. Same thing with the first dance. It used to be that photos of the crowd around the dance floor would be filled with smiling faces… most focused on the couple. Now, there are cameras, phones, iPads… you name it, but nobody is actually watching them dance.

This particular wedding guest has his not-so-subtle iPad front and center for every bit of the processional, vows and recessional… the only saving grace is that he wasn’t also wearing a red shirt. ;0)

Yes, it impacts what I do as a professional but you have to know that it changes the way a day is remembered for everyone… bride and groom included. Maybe it’s time to turn the tide and ask your guests to be in the moment for the high points of the day at least.

Happy to talk about getting married… ask me anything!

Down in the Valley

Last Saturday, we had some brutal heat in the Pacific Northwest… I am hoping that it is not what these two will remember about that day. When I get through all of the post production for their wedding I believe that they will see the family ranch full of all the special people who gathered to see them wed. Liz and Josh are tailor made for each other and the people who came all seemed to know that.

This, their first dance, was done before dinner… a very classy departure from waiting until after the meal and the cake. I am personally glad that they danced early because the light, as you can tell, was absolute perfection.

I promise to post more from this very special day as time allows… stay tuned. ;0)