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Ordinary Silences

Some people think every wedding picture has to be a fantasy of high emotion, stylized ecstatic faces and riding off into the sunset. Those images have their places in the day and certainly are memorable and welcome. My job is to find as many of the corners as possible… to bring it all forward out of the jumble that piles up in your memory.

Our two flower girls were ready ahead of the wedding party. That in itself is a little unusual but these young ladies found ways to amuse themselves without stressing any of the grownups… a nice corner for the camera.

I hope you are looking for the whole story. ;0)

Francoise Weeks Florist… an Unabashed Recommendation

There are some fine and wonderful florists in our fair city but I am always drawn to the art of Francoise Weeks. She seems to have an infinite connection to her own wide universe and a capacity for the translation of it. If you can give her an idea or two about what you like, she can bring intricate miracles to the table. All it takes is a little time and some trust in her many talents.

These two arrangements are enhanced a bit by the dirt under the fingernails of the older and the band-aid of the younger… still, charm abounds! I love flower girls!

Let me know if I can help you find the vendors of your dreams, ok?