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Love Letters

Wine-and-love letters-Jamie-Bosworth-Photographer

Next summer, somewhere in Portland, a really sweet couple will sit down on a warm August evening to open a pretty wooden box. Inside they will find a bottle of wine and two love letters sealed the day they married. Imagine hearing the letters a year after they were written… how much sweeter is it with that year between them? Maybe the best thing to do is to buy another bottle of wine and to each write another love letter for the coming year. Somewhere in time, there would be a whole box of these written treasures to share with each other and maybe with generations to come. Good idea, yes?

To my mind this is much more personal than a Unity candle or some of the other sharings I see during ceremonies. If it suits your personalities, it might work nicely for you. ;0)

The venue here is Castaway, a cool urban spot in an industrial corner of Portland overlooking the Fremont Bridge.

Steve Sharp is the nice man officiating… anybody would enjoy working with him!

The light curtain of air ferns was just right as a backdrop… by the talented team at Creations by Ly.

I was the lucky photographer… happy to be along for the ride!

Guys Just Want to Have Fun


Tony and Joe walked around the neighborhood with me before the ceremony… you could tell their nerves were a little on the high side because they were both clowning around. Together for 6 years already, the relationship is based on a grand sense of humor and supported by a lot of wonderful people… evidenced by the crowd’s spirited reactions during the vows. Castaway was the perfect space last Saturday evening for food and friends.There was a polka dot cake and rainbow strings of paper lanterns with a great view of the Fremont Bridge. As the lights got low, the crowd filled up the kick ass dance floor… my smile lasted a long time. ;0)

I hope you’ll come talk to me if you are getting married… it’s a lot of fun to help launch a good couple!