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A Secret Garden

SW Portland has a lovely secret garden in an old, elegant neighborhood. I will not identify it here because it is a somewhat untrammeled space with neighbors who might like to keep it that way. On an early September afternoon, I had the pleasure of working with Sara and Kathleen and their wonderfully attentive crowd of family and friends. Anyone peeking into that garden was seeing a sumptuous feast and a lot of relaxed, friendly conversations… a perfect combination.

As the day moved towards twilight, the toasting glasses waved in the softer light. At any wedding, you can gauge the deep friendships as you listen to the little gasps and laughing during the toasts, especially with an open mic. This couple has earned the love of their people and it was great to witness that.


At the end of the day, #LoveWins is not just a hashtag. It is an abiding truth and no one should have the desire or the power to interfere.

Keep your love close.

A Toast at the Rhododendron Garden


Portland has an incredible rhododendron garden on the east side of town, near Reed College … it’s a quiet space unless you count the ducks and geese who frequent the waterways that wander through it. It was begun in 1950 so you can imagine how beautifully it has grown in all those years. It is called Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and it is a popular spot for weddings, even when the rhodies aren’t in bloom. There are several garden spaces available depending on the size of your guest list so even little weddings look good here. ;0)

Alyssa and Fletcher had a gorgeous July afternoon in the meadow, friends and family relaxing into the shady spots… the incredible dinner behind them, it was time for toasting. Their good pals did the honors at the mic and the dads had their turn, too. Listening to the love going around is always good but my favorite part is when the couple takes the stand to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone there. If you are getting married, I hope you will put some thought into this part of the day… it is a good chance to say something truly special to the people you care about the most. Besides, when this part is done, you get to cut the cake and start dancing, right?