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Google Search


Time to dress up? Might be just the time to do a Google search for the tricky bits. Hannah had a long, gorgeous teal sash to go with her wedding dress and after a few failed attempts, her mom went online to google the process… a few minutes later, they were able to finish the sash and fine tune the bow in the back. Aria offers a few sash styles to choose from.

I ran into this same situation a few years back with a group of groomsmen… a bow-tie can be a pretty foreign concept these days and a Google search offers several really good guides for working with just about any style of tie. The Art of Manliness is a good place to start for various dressing tips.

Personally, I think you should do the homework ahead of the wedding day so that you can avoid that sinking feeling as you realize that time is running short. ;0)

Get dressed and have fun!

The Cohort

Tyson’s cadre of young men took the time to work with the camera… the space dictated the mood and they ran with it. Sometimes the groomsmen get the short straw in the group photos but these guys made sure they got their share and that pleases me.