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Rumor Has It


Once upon a time there was a beautiful historic home in Corbett, near Crown Point. The Viewpoint Inn was built in 1924 and survived it’s spot overlooking the Gorge until the summer of 2011 when it was ravaged by fire. It’s a long and hard story but it sounds like it might actually rise from the ashes. If the owner can make that happen, he has a chance to put right some of the things that went so badly that summer. There were brides and grooms left high and dry… they were rescued by many of the neighboring venues and I remember it being a huge group effort in the wedding community… one that made me realize how much we can help each other when the need is there. By all accounts, the owner has had a long standing love affair with this place and will take it fully back to 1924… it will become a dream destination once more. I hope I get watch a few more couples get married on that lawn someday.

This image is from a few years back but counts as a favorite of mine… Leslie and Izaac had a few moments before the ceremony to sit in one of the upstairs rooms. A little sparkling water and some quiet conversation while they watched their quests arrive… such a peaceful start to a new chapter. ;0)

Let’s make a little history together, ok?