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With This Ring


There is always that moment when your new rings become a reality… an actual weight on your finger that wasn’t there before. (I remember very clearly how I seemed to swing mine into everything for the first week or so.) Leanne and PJ have a little more time before the weight will become a part of them… no longer waiting for the day in tiny, shiny black boxes. ;0)

They got married on a sunny Saturday about a week ago in the lovely Abigail’s Garden at the Abernethy Center and they did it with grace and style. Their team of vendors was a real treat and it made the day that much better. Molli and Jennifer of Soiree ran the show while Crystal Lillies created a lovely garden in a garden. Eric Wright, Portland’s best DJ, had everyone on the dance floor as usual and Eric Newland of Hybrid Moon captured everything on video. It was great and I was the lucky photographer! ;0)

No Room for Cowards


With any luck, this week will be the turning point in a long overdue balance. The idea that anyone in our country is considered less than equal should have been corrected a long time ago. Let’s hope that the Supreme Court gets it right… it’s time for marriage equality.

Elizabeth Taylor said it pretty well… “There is no gay agenda – it’s a human agenda. All of us should be treated the same… Long live love.”

Men on Burnside


1987 was a good year for getting out with my camera. I had taken the gigantic step of giving up my day job at Jake’s Famous Crawfish to make photography a full time thing. I knew it would take some doing to get it going but the transition also gave me new chances to work on my own art. My photographer friend, Don Hamilton, suggested that we head out one afternoon and we found ourselves in an old warehouse on the west end of the Burnside Bridge. It had always caught me because the windows were full of mannequins… piles of them. Inside was a jumble of light and limbs. Some were old, some new… some oddly staged and some, very obviously forgotten. Don and I spent a couple of dusty hours there… lots of film got used that day but this one has been a favorite for a long time. Last I heard, the mannequins were moved to a property in Linnton but I have yet to find it… maybe I should stop and ask sometime.

Secret Spaces

Many times a couple will steal away for a few minutes right after the ceremony… it’s a chance to look each other in the eye and rejoice in their happy new status. At Waverley Country Club, there is a private rooftop terrace that looks out over the patio… Kiersten and Jason enjoyed a little champagne and watched their guests mingling below.

This picture is from 2008… Kiersten recently asked me to make some special prints for her and it was nice to see how well the new software translated this one. I am always pleased to find that an older image can be made new again. ;0)

Instagram and the New Age

Apparently, I am an easy mark for any technology, old or new, that gives me a way to see. This last Sunday I had the pleasure of taking a full day workshop from a very talented photographer, Jan Sonnenmaier. She is a woman I have known of for years and I am sorry I haven’t done more to get to know her before now.

Jan teaches an iPhone camera workshop. Keep in mind that for a few years, I have taken a rather dim view of the whole idea of camera phones. I just didn’t get what the fuss was all about. Until now. My new iPhone 4s has more than twice the megapixels of my first pro digital DSLR. Besides the whole file size issue, it also has some of the most nuanced options you might ever hope for. Jan introduces the best apps and goes into the guts to show you how it all works.

Long story short, I now have a small presence on Instagram @joeytallboy and a fantastic array of tools in my pocket… can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

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Just a Little Damp

Yes, sometimes it rains in August. Over the years, it seems as if you can look for rain on any weekend where Oregon goes camping… just an observation. ;0)

We had two massive downpours during a day of otherwise glorious light. Vibrant Table had to reset everything twice… they persevered with grace and energy. Vista Hills Vineyard is lovely… the staff was shoulder to shoulder with the catering crew to keep things dry and running well. Hats off to a very brave couple… Stephanie and Lee decided to stick to the original plan and were richly rewarded!

The Sweetest Ambush

Paul called a day ahead of this sweet little encounter and he sounded so excited, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the plan. Marla had no idea but I could see the realization dawning as he walked her up the rainy steps at Washington Park last Friday.

She said yes and it was all over in an audible heartbeat… he whisked her off to a surprise dinner and I believe the romantic bar has been set delightfully high!

Always happy to be a witness to this classy kind of start… I hope this makes you smile, too!

City Lights

In our corner of paradise we get to work in soft vineyard light and magical beach light… all of those weddings have a really fine chance to shine. However, you can also count on just the right light in our downtown streets… it’s just a matter of experience and persuasion. I say it that way because I can see the light when it is ready but I have to make my couples understand that the time is now…. the window is limited.

I have a couple shopping me right now who have this dynamic day planned. The only problem I can see is that they haven’t planned any time for really good photographs. They see it in my portfolio and it excites them but they don’t have the time to do anything like it. Wouldn’t you want to have a little input from your wedding professional? Keep us in the loop as much as you can. Just saying.

If you are shopping for for a real wedding photographer, come talk to me… a good fit is worth a lot.

Rich in Sisters

Alyssa’s sisters had her back from the beginning… they kept her laughing and steady as she made her way to marry Fletcher… you couldn’t ask for more. I posted this particular image to make a point about family shots… I do a ton of them at every wedding. I don’t blog them very often and my portfolio is light in this arena for a reason… I figure each set of clients will have their own range of needs and the varied personalities that go along with all of that. The thing that makes it work is to just show up, relax and let me see what I can bring out of the groups. It should be about the love, not about the poses. I have several of this band of siblings that are plenty formal but we all know that this is the one that caught the true sisters.

Be there… be real.