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Future History

Future -History-and-weddings-Jamie-Bosworth-Photographer

History is a fluid thing… we make it every day. Some of it will get saved for years and some of it will evaporate in a few hours. As a fairly recent invention, photographs have given us a way to look at history a little differently than other types of art. Photographs are personal and portable… you can pass them down to the generations to follow and hope that they continue to be shared.

In my head, I imagine the youngsters at this pool table, many years from now… old enough to have have grown kids and grandchildren of their own. Someone will pull out an old album or a beautiful box of special things and this photo will be in it. The kids will hear the story of the grand hotel in downtown Portland with the little library off of the huge lobby. Someone will say that the history of the hotel mentions that it used to be an iconic department store… that their Great Grandmother used to meet her friends for lunch at the Georgian Room on the 10th floor.

I don’t know about you but history is astounding and I like helping to keep some of it alive. ;0)

Happy New Year to everyone!

A Sweet Solution


Johanna and Jeff didn’t want to see each other before their wedding ceremony… they figured they would just endure the nerves. I asked if they had anything special in mind and Johanna mentioned a picture on one of my Pinterest boards where the couple stood on either side of a door to read handwritten letters from each other. She allowed as how she would never survive reading anything but thought she might like to hold hands with him… that was all I needed to know. ;0)

A wedding should be about what makes you happy, right?

An Apple for her Teacher


Mary Beth very gingerly stepped into Natarajasana, aware that a tumble would stain her dress… but, considering the slope and the shoes, she did a nice Lord of the Dance Pose as a gift for her yoga teacher. I love the range of requests I get… it’s rarely the same thing twice. ;0)

Bring your whole self to your wedding day. You don’t have to be particularly public or silly… these little glimpses will save parts of you for later. Flexibility is a marvelous thing in every sense of the word… go be it.

The Pearl of Portland


Pay attention or you will likely trip over three photographers rushing to get to the “Best Spot” first… luckily there are at least seven “Best Spots” in the Pearl District of Portland that are trendy these days. ;0)

Alice and Jeremy had a very sweet, family oriented wedding on the roof of the Ecotrust Building one hot August day last summer. Located on the edge of the Pearl, it is surrounded by some of the most popular places for the camera crowd to shoot cool urban portraiture. For us, this bench was a shaded place for a little bit of privacy and it was right next to their wedding venue… far enough from the crowd to play gently in the afternoon light.

Rain, Rain, Go Away…


Ryan and Angela have crappy work schedules… their time off together is scarce. We tried for four Thursdays in February and March to have the urban engagement session that they wanted and the weatherman kept on smacking us down. So I said buy an umbrella and off we went! I loved that they were game for things like this and I am very sure that their vineyard wedding in August will find them just as willing to play. ;0)

As always, the best work is a collaboration between the couple and the professional photographer… you can’t beat the combination.

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The Perfect Wedding


Facebook offers up the occasional well written articles that I might otherwise miss and this is one I have to share here for any of you who might be getting married soon. For too long now the media has made a real fuss over the details of a wedding almost to the exclusion of the emotional content. It has become it’s own trend-driven, commercialized machine… like Christmas or any other number of holidays that stress us out… they have to be just perfect. Anne Almasy wrote this for the Huffington Post a couple of days ago and she says it better than I can… I hope you will take a minute and see how very right she is.

Anne Almasy is a photographer based out of Atlanta… in her words:

In what has become a quarterly ritual, I submitted a selection of wedding photos to a well-known wedding magazine. They were all weddings in beautiful locations, with gorgeous color and emotion and life and LOVE. I was so proud of each of them, and happy to share the stories I’d told through photographs for each couple.

A couple weeks after submitting, I got this reply: “These are all really pretty, but we want to see more details. More pictures of flowers, centerpieces, and any other details that really made these weddings special. Our Real Weddings section should give brides ideas for planning the perfect wedding.”

And while I did provide additional detail photos, I also kept the original e-mail in my inbox, just… mulling it over.

See, wedding publications exist to feed the industry: the florists and the lighting designers and the calligraphers and the caterers and the photographers and the thousands upon thousands of couples who will spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on their weddings. Magazines and blogs publish pictures of couples in lavish surroundings with immaculate decor, and vendors who can provide similar glitz and glam pay big bucks for full-page ads and featured banners. Many women (in particular) spends YEARS scouring these staples of wedding wisdom for the perfect dress, the perfect bouquet, the perfect cake… when they finally meet the perfect partner they’ll be ready.

I’ve had my own work published in these magazines. I’ve been featured on wedding blogs. I’ve even paid to advertise with publications who “reach a bajilliondy high-end brides every month.”

As I think back on the hundred-plus weddings I’ve photographed, I want to emphasize this:
Every wedding is perfect.

I love a good party.
I love a bride in the most elaborate, fancy, princess-y dress you’ve ever dreamed of.
I love custom chuppahs and embroidered aisle runners and matchy-matchy bridesmaids dresses.
I love to photograph flowers and shoes.

But you know why I REALLY do what I do?

To photograph your parents, who will hold hands and cry on the first row of the chapel. To photograph your sister dancing with that boy she will marry in three years. To photograph those kids who will grow up so, so quickly. To photograph your grandfather, who will pass away next spring. To photograph your first kiss as a married couple, your best friend busting out her signature dance moves, the flower girl asleep under a table, and maybe even your ex looking pretty wistful as he hugs you a little too long in the receiving line.

You already know: your cake will disappear in less than an hour, your flowers will wilt before the ceremony ends, and that uncomfortable tux will go back to the rental place in the morning. But those photos… they’re gonna be there forever. You’ll have them when your own kids are born, when you have the biggest fight ever with your partner and need to be reminded of how much you really love each other, when your parents pass away and you realize the last time you danced with them was at your wedding…

So, nothing against the wedding magazines and blogs and their endless, passionate quest for “perfect” detail shots. PLEASE: throw the party of your lives with every. single. detail. EXACTLY as you dreamed it would be.

But my job — MY job — is to see past all that. My job is to give you photos that will remind you why you had that damn expensive party in the first place.

If you’re planning your wedding right now, please just close the magazine. Log out of Pinterest. And look at the person you want to grow old with. Remind yourself of why you’re doing this. And really CELEBRATE when that day comes. Don’t stress about your shoes or your cake or your flowers. Don’t stress about anything. When it’s all over, you will be married, and surrounded by the people who know you and love you most in the whole wide world.

I promise: that is the Perfect Wedding.

Awaiting Spring


Something about February makes me impatient for the softer air and the sweet ways people are affected by it… Spring is coming but this is the hardest part of the waiting. Katy and Deepak got married in a very formal downtown church… she wore her mother’s dress and veil for her vows. When we turned the page, they had a wonderful party at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse. Pretty much everyone changed into comfortable shoes, including Katy in her party dress, and kicked back for the rest of the day. We took a stroll through the grounds for about 20 minutes of portraits and I watched the soft Spring air work it’s magic. ;0)

The Sweet Ride


After sealing their vows at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Jerry and Rebecca were whisked away in this lovely machine. We went to the Pittock Mansion for some portraits with the car… I had called ahead to get permission to use the quiet space down by the Tea House. When we were done, their driver and I conspired to take a slightly slower pace to their reception so that we might have a chance to try for this picture… never before have I tried to shoot and drive at the same time. Thanks goodness there were a couple of red lights on the way to Meriwether’s Resaturant!

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These wonderfully rowdy women are very brave in their everyday skins so I was surprised and touched to see how shy and careful they were of each other on this golden day. The sun finally dipped behind the trees enough to take the two of them out into the blueberries for a private ten minute session… Jordan was able to get Nyki laughing enough to give them a really sweet range of emotional pictures… enough to last them a lifetime.

I love my job! ;0)



There is a shop across from where I get my hair cut and the display always includes a cool retro sort of dress… the kind of dress that sets my mind wandering a little. I can’t imagine that I am the only one affected that way… this particular party dress really caught me one winter day. These are vintage pieces but I am absolutely sure that they have a new adventure or two ahead of them.

Imagine a dress… a young woman in a dreamy new dress. Her sweetheart is taking her to dinner and a late concert… it’s a special evening. Somewhere along the way, a question is asked and a world opens before her… yes is the answer!

If you happen to be getting engaged or married in this wonderful new year, now is the time to get some of your plans firmed up… I’d be happy to help! ;0)