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A Private Dance Before the Reception


Ty and Lamar were still a little giddy from the wedding at the Academy Chapel and the marching band that took the crowd to the Brickstone Ballroom. As the guests went into the party, these two took a small detour to their favorite wine bar for a glass of champagne and a short breather… we stepped into the next room for a picture and Lamar said he wanted to play the first dance. Watching them, I don’t think it was a case of nerves about the ability to dance as much as it was a chance to really connect again before they were washed into the greater sea of friends and family waiting down the street.

A sweet break for some portraits is often an unexpected welcome on a jam-packed wedding day… I see it almost every time and my clients always comment on it, thankful for a chance to be together before the crowd… maybe you should keep that in mind when you sit down to plan your day. ;0)

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Dancing in the Aisles


After the kiss, Ty and Lamar smiled broadly at their guests as the music started… the doors at the Academy Chapel swung open and Tina Turner came dancing down the aisle. She was belting out “Better Be Good to Me” and I watched the guests start to react… by the time the robes came off to reveal a short spangled red dress, everyone was grinning, even mom!

Poison Waters has been a local treasure for 25 years… her everyday name is Kevin Cook and he has been very involved in helping our community. Since Ty was instrumental in getting the Freedom to Marry Act across the finish line in Washington, it made total sense for Poison Waters to be a part of the day. Poison sang the newly minted couple up the aisle and out to join the marching band that would take the crowd to the Brickstone Ballroom a couple of blocks away… it was a very fine day, indeed. With any luck, the rest of the country will catch up soon and everyone will dance in the aisles.

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