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Memories of a Summer Day


On that long Summer day at the McKenzie Oaks Ranch the guests had just gotten settled and the wedding party had already paraded by. The sweethearts were holding hands and smiling at everything.

It didn’t take long for the kid to find a more comfortable place… imagine the cool summer grass under your elbows. The shade of the huge oak keeps the sun out but the air is still warm and the wedding is on!

I wonder what the kid will remember from that summer day? I always hope people have special memories of days like this… I think good photographs help.

A huge thanks to the owners of this beautiful property… good people!

Down in the Valley

Last Saturday, we had some brutal heat in the Pacific Northwest… I am hoping that it is not what these two will remember about that day. When I get through all of the post production for their wedding I believe that they will see the family ranch full of all the special people who gathered to see them wed. Liz and Josh are tailor made for each other and the people who came all seemed to know that.

This, their first dance, was done before dinner… a very classy departure from waiting until after the meal and the cake. I am personally glad that they danced early because the light, as you can tell, was absolute perfection.

I promise to post more from this very special day as time allows… stay tuned. ;0)

Planning in Paradise

Two weeks from now, we have the pleasure of working with some wonderfully real people in one of the prettiest places I have ever seen. Opera Boy and I went to Eugene yesterday to do a walk through at McKenzie Oaks Ranch, a private piece of paradise near the McKenzie River. We went to see the way the light works and get a feel for the layout. I took my iPhone out several times to make visual notes but I also took my big camera so that Liz could audition her makeup… not a bad idea for those of you who might be working on your own wedding plans. There are several spaces around the property for sweet portraits and we made some decisions for which ones might work the best… I think this sort of working preview can be a huge time saver on a busy wedding day.

Josh and Liz sat down with me under a massive oak and we worked on the time line… we had a lot of help from Sara and Rio! I have to say that I am really looking forward to this day of theirs. Many, many thanks to James at Studio Coburg for sending them in my direction!

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