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Imagine the Day


Imagine the day ahead of you… the day you thought would never arrive.
Nicole settled into the limo for the ride to the church and she actually paused for a moment to drink it in. Jon was pulling out of the driveway with his Best Man in the shiny blue convertible, both sharply dressed… looking for all the world like something out of the Kennedy years. The family groups and the wedding party photos had been taken care of in the morning garden, a small brunch had been shared and everyone was now traveling towards the rest of the day. I imagine that each of them was thinking about the day ahead and all were looking forward to it.

Imagine hiring a true professional to help you remember all of the little parts of this marvelous day! ;0)

Summertime… the Big Picture

This was taken long before summer was expected but I think it fits the post… Sheila was kind enough to wear her bling for this January portrait with Kurt on my front porch. We had the longest, wettest winter-into-spring in a long while. Now, we are in the middle of August… it’s still cool and breezy like it has been since our Northwest summer began. I like it this way even if my tomatoes are late coming on… they are small but heartbreakingly sweet. Same thing with the blueberries… like candy.

My lucky young neighbors, Kurt and Kwen, have been in Taos and Santa Fe for the last week and I have been chicken-sitting for them… a set of morning and evening chores a little different from my usual routine. Joey cat has been coming across the street with me every morning but he has had the grace to wait outside the garden gate while I am busy. Fresh eggs everyday is something I could get used to.









July and August have been pretty busy but Opera Boy and I have managed a couple of sneaky days of playing hooky and enough yard work to keep it interesting. The new porch that we put on last year has been a shady haven for a little reading and Joey seems to like the chairs for his nap time.

If September stays a little slow, we will be taking a couple of days to ourselves at the coast. That’s when my chicken friends will trade back by cat-sitting our boys… it’s a lovely arrangement.

For my geek friends, all of these photos were taken with my Olympus PEN E-P2… some with the normal lenses but some with the Lensbaby Sweet 35. The opening shot was done during a session of beta testing for Lensbaby… something I really love being a part of!

Strength of Character

I read the paper every morning and I try not to get sucked down into the gloom and stupidity around us… it’s not always easy to imagine the World having a good day, you know? What lifts me up again are the couples like Mariesa and Tyson… two strong people who can stand on their own and believe that they are moving in the right directions… heads high and having a fine time, thank you very much!

Vintage flavored the entire day… vineyard courtesy of Edgefield.

Arrivederci 2009


The street was quiet… no one rushing off to work this Christmas morning. The sun playing in the bedroom curtains gave me a chance to relax and reflect a little… it has been a year to give us all pause.
Normally, I am a pie eyed optimist and I’d like to say all of my friends are happy and well but the economy and general distress have been rough on everyone. None of us will miss 2009. The uncertainty needs to subside. The smiling has to come back.

I don’t mind learning to rein in the spending habits of the last years… I had a good run for a bit. On the other hand, it is very uncomfortable to have dipped below the happy medium. It will turn around… I am sure of it. Meanwhile, we have to get up every day and go about the business of making a life.
Got to give it your best shot.

I am thankful for a roof over my head and a good man to share it.
I am thankful for family, friends and nice strangers.
I am thankful for fractious cats.
I am always thankful for time to think.

The one that got away…


Photographers must all have a longish list of shots that we only took in our head… I can’t be the only one.
Opera Boy and I went to Venice for the first time in 2006. We got to our little hotel completely beaten up by the flying. The tall windows in our room looked out over Campo San Stefano… interesting and busy in the late afternoon light.


So we walked to stretch out and find a quick meal, stealing to bed as it got dark… it was like drifting off to sleep on a movie set… the cafes don’t get going until after dark so all of the friends and laughing people gathering for dinner mingled with faint music and, always, the sound of heels on stone.
I woke up at dawn and looked out the window… trying to identify a sound.

Here is where you will have to imagine the Campo empty save for one man and a two wheeled blue cart. He was sweeping the whole place with a long brush broom… made of twigs like we see in our fairy tales. No cars in Venice, of course, so he is the garbage service.
I was so entranced by the whole thing, I had to just watch. The camera, in the unpacking of it, would have made me miss something I wanted to see.


I went back to bed but my dreams were colored by that early morning encounter. Next time, I will be better prepared.