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Market Lights in Late Summer


Every time I get to a venue with strings of these lovely, old fashioned market lights around the dance floor, I smile. There is something very sweet and intimate in the mood they cast. This particular place is a vineyard out in Sheridan… J. Wrigley Vineyards has a quiet, breezy hilltop and the sun sweeps across it from the west. When it goes down, the pinks ands the blues come up right before the stars start to show… some of the prettiest light in the world! A few strands of these lights is all it takes to define the open spaces.

I have heard them called french market lights and string lights… ask your planners and your venue owners about them… I guarantee it will add to your wedding.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a day special… sometimes it’s really fine to look around and smile. ;0)

Made for Each Other


In that quiet space between the family photos and the marriage ceremony, Jennifer and Paul had a chance to let their currents run together… holding hands and gently realizing that this was the new beginning in their lives.

Last week, on Facebook, she remarked on their anniversary:
“4 years ago tonight I married my loving husband. They say opposites attract and it’s true, a liberal atheist vegetarian and a conservative Catholic hunter have come together to live in peace and harmony. Somehow we share a common vision for our lives and future and don’t ask me how but it works! Truly I do not know a better man… I’m one lucky woman.”

And I was the lucky photographer!

Classic Delights


Every time people come to this cake in my wedding portfolio, and I mean every time, they smile and laugh! You can just about see them tasting it in their minds. This Rice Krispy cake is, of course, displayed on a splendid stand and topped with a charming family heirloom from long ago. Seems to me that if this is what you want, dress it for the day and go with it… it was delicious!

Stoller Vineyards provided the stellar backdrop and the opera singers nearby didn’t hurt the ambiance at all. ;0)

Diamonds and Sapphires

Brooke radiated pure delight on that sunny October day…her eyes were probably the only jewels she really needed. Cowboy boots, a custom silk coat, magnificent food and music in a small city of softly lit tents high on a private hill in Oregon’s wine country… they had easily one of the more elegant weddings in my career.

I am excited to be designing a book for Brooke and John… it has been a lot of fun to revisit their images and it’s nice to know that there will be a book for posterity. ;0)

Eyes on the Prize

I am always gratified to find an intimate angle on the ceremony… it is often out of the question if you are trying to work in a civilized fashion. Many of the vineyards have space for me to hang back with a long lens so as not to intrude. It helps that the people involved are so wrapped up that they don’t notice me very often at all. ;0)