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A Cake Safari on a Hot Day

Cake Safari-Jamie-Bosworth-Photographer

It was such a hot day, the cake was hiding in the basement of the Overlook House. Just before dinner, the newlyweds got curious about their cake. I overheard them asking the caterer if they could go see it. I followed them down the narrow stairs and watched them Ooh and Ahhh… anticipation on their smiling faces. As we turned to leave, I noticed two kiddie chairs in the corner. I asked them how they felt about having a picture in this oddly compelling space, figuring that if they hated it, they’d say so. They both lit up and the yes was very enthusiastic so I asked him to put the chairs in front of the wall.
Two minutes later, we went up to a wonderful meal knowing that a great cake was waiting in the wings.

Weddings can be planned to a high level but the best weddings roll with the punches. The summer weather will often change the course of a day. If you can relax and let the professionals do their best work, you will have a great day.

Who’s ready for a piece of cake?

Keeping Portland Weird


Portland twinkling in the background, Tinsley and Andrew had asked me to take their picture on this bluff in the Overlook neighborhood. It was just about 9:00 on our first truly hot June day and the breezes were finally helping. We were almost done when we heard a flurry of footsteps as this giggling girl slid into position to strike a pose. Just as fast, she was gone, and we smiled about our Portland… happy to help keep it weird.

Portland’s historic Overlook House was just right for this sweet, intimate wedding. The day was carried by the crackerjack team at Artemis Catering… kudos to them for such a fine job!

Barefoot at the Overlook House

Got a nice phone call from a bride’s mom the other day asking if I could make a print for her home. The first thing she said was “Do you remember the barefoot wedding?” I had to laugh because I did… it was 15 years ago but I answered her right back by asking “It was at the Overlook House, right?” Her turn to laugh. I clearly remember that everyone was barefoot except the two teenaged bridesmaids… they tottered around the sunny lawn on very high heels. ;0)

The one she wanted a print of was one of my favorites from the day… we had a nice scan made of the negative and I’ll have a print for her by tomorrow. We chatted a bit after the business part of the conversation… Kristin and Tim have children now and a very solid, happy life. I always like to hear that.