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Oregon Weddings Aren’t All Fun and Games…

It sure seems like it sometimes, though. 😎

Maia married her Ben at Cooper Spur Resort on a bright hot August day. For those of you from other parts, Cooper Spur is a rustic resort on the northern flanks of Mt. Hood… the drive out is completely Oregon whether you come over the mountain or up from the Columbia River Gorge.

The guests spent the weekend here… soaking in that relaxing pace. When we drove up, the first ambassador was a pint sized youngster with a pixie face… she ushered me in to meet Maia’s parents. It was a great start to a perfectly Oregon wedding!

Over the next hour or so, you could see people heading to their cabins to clean up and change into their party clothes… DJ Dan Moe was setting up for the ceremony and our intrepid officiant, Melissa Coe was out under the trees doing a mic check.

The ceremony was a marvelous prelude to the party… when everyone walked back to the big lawn, they found all sorts of things to do! Among other things was a DIY photo booth, complete with a selfie stick. You could order a Moscow Mule at the bar and watch a few rounds of Giant Jenga. There were flip flops for anyone tired of shoes. There was a pair of old wooden skis to sign in lieu of a guest book… coloring book and bubbles for the littles.

After dinner and toasts, pie was served and the dance floor filled up… off to the side, a shotski was raised. That was a first for me. ;0)
And in one corner of the tent, a table was set for making your own S’Mores… a perfect way to wind down in that twilight of mountain air.

Chasing Magic at Ranch at the Canyons


During dinner the children were free to chase the fading light… their faces painted at odds with their party clothes. Every wedding has some quiet moments for the camera and this was a chance to step back from the party and explore the beautiful property in the sweet light. In the background, the quiet hum of conversations and silverware… laughter and a little music… my job is to bring as much of that back for my couple as I can. Brides and grooms don’t always realize that there will be a wall of people between them and the plans they made… the details and the ambiance that are the result of so much careful planning. Professional photographers are capable of bringing all of that back in addition to the emotional moments and the family pictures. While it’s true that your best friend’s brother might be a good photographer, he may not have a clue what he is getting into on a wedding day… and you know that there aren’t any do-overs.

This gorgeous property, Ranch at the Canyons, is just on the west side of Smith Rock… an easy drive from Bend. That makes it local and destination. ;0)

We had a long, lovely day capped by the full moon rising over the red rocks… you’d be hard pressed to beat that.