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Perfectly Imperfect

This is from so long ago… in digital years, this might as well have been from a cheap phone. It was 2004 and the cameras weren’t all that hot yet.

Leslie had just gotten dressed for her wedding… the room was buzzing with various women getting ready, too. She took a moment to pull out her vows to look them over. She was joined for a sweet moment by her niece. I remember it took a few minutes but they both agreed that it was good and the day marched on.

What I know for sure is that sometimes the technical end of things can be a little strained and the moment will pull right through anyway.

Love on the Wing

Maribelle and Anthony were about to get married in the Philippines… she called to see if we could do something in a vintage mood with a little traveling flavor added to the mix. We brainstormed a little over the phone and then I called the nice people at the Pearson Air Museum at Fort Vancouver… they were very helpful. With a little planning, we were able to use the spaces to the best advantage in a small time window.

They came in suitable dress and we spent a couple of hours around the airfield and Officer’s Row. The light was great and they were about as much in love as anyone could want. The best engagement sessions happen when the lovers truly engage in the process.

I Am Staff

Frankie pretty much runs the house. He certainly tries to run my office as well. Part of his job description as Office Manager is to exercise me. I have to get out of my chair at regular intervals to feed him cat crackers. We also have an aerobic routine involving mopping the floor every other day because the muddy footprints are becoming dimensional.The Stand in Front of the Monitor pose is the cracker request mostly, although he will use it to ask me to get off of the phone, too.

The other day, I rearranged some of my shelving so that I could put my external hard drives in a less cat accessible space… Frankie decided that he had a better use for one of the empty cubbies.

I have since taken that space back but you can bet there is a new mutiny brewing in his furry brain.