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A Familiar Face


In the mirror is a familiar face… the bluejeans are crumpled in the corner and you are feeling the slight edge of the veil on your bare shoulders. It’s been a long time in the planning mode but here you are… dressed and polished to a high point you don’t quite recognize. And, yet, it’s you all along. Familiar is about to change for you and your other half in so many ways… it will take some time but you will see the differences as the years go by. The two of you become more of a team than you ever thought possible… if you are lucky, it only gets better. Old, comfortable familiar becomes new and better familiar and life goes on.

Today, though, is the day to look in the mirror, before the ceremony and all of the people descend on you and see just who you are about to become. It can be quite magical. ;0)

Lauren married Dustin on a warm September evening in Abigail’s Garden at Oregon City’s Abernethy Center. Geranium Lake Flowers staged a fantasy night flavored with Harry Potter references and the night went on for many lovely hours. What I know is that the planning paid off and these two are off on their new journey… new worlds are ahead.

Invisible Flower Girls… You Know Who You are

You have seen them… they are generally on the short side, all polished up for the day and completely oblivious to the idea that they are visible up there at the altar. It’s a part of the day I look for because it is such an entertaining slice… something they can be gently teased about for a long time.

Over the years I have found that the young ones and the old folks are the truest faces for my camera. They really don’t worry about it very much. People in the middle years seem to have a camera face if they know you are pointing a lens in their direction… that’s why a very candid approach is the very best thing.

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