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Our Ritzy Schnitz


Affectionately known as the Schnitz or the Schnitzer, the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall has a special place in Portland’s heart. True to it’s 1928 theatre history, it sits almost at the top of the slope on Broadway and it’s fabulous marquee lights up the street most nights. Even though it’s where Portland dresses up for live theatre and incredible concerts, it is also available for weddings. Having covered a few weddings there over the years, I have to say it has a great and different ambiance than any other venue in town. There are the afternoon affairs with all of the high ceilinged light you could ask for and there are the elegant evening events with the gold edges shimmering in the softer light. Some people close off the street next to the Schnitz for a cool urban cocktail hour while a very formal dining room is set inside. Elegant dressing rooms, sweeping staircases, you name it. Plenty of room for rowdy dancing to live music, too. They can also put your names on that incredible marquee… plan on photos out front, ok?

Make your wedding your own but if you have a flair for the dramatic, the Schnitz might be the very best place in Portland. Come downtown and check it out! ;0)

Stylin’ Up the Aisle


The Aisle Walk is that great part of the day when you have made it past the hard work… nothing but good times ahead, right? Emotionally, this walk is a real mix for most people… sometimes the newlyweds are able to focus on the faces of their friends as they swing by and sometimes they are too stunned to focus on anything except getting out of sight for a few minutes. Mostly, I see huge amounts of joy and the camera loves that. ;0)

Personally, I think this is one of the best arguments for doing the formal group photos before the wedding. The Aisle Walk is the beginning of the face time with your guests and you can bet they are ready to get on with it! If you can dive right into the crowd during a cocktail hour, no one is going to feel left out. Receiving lines and bossy photographers can harsh that vibe in a heartbeat. Plan on getting the “business” photography out of the way early and then, if you and your photographer want a small session of relaxed portraits, it can be done easily.
A lot of my couples opt for a 15 minute session right before dinner… they get to have most of the cocktail hour and then when their guests are starting to jockey for a table, we head out into the softer light and get the romantic shots. Nobody misses you for that short time and, if you like, you can be announced to the crowd when you come back. Party on!

I love my job!

A little satori…

Mandy was a delight to watch as she married her Marty in the low golden light at the temple… incense in the air.
From there to their lovely house full of friends… the kind of intimate, relaxed party everyone likes… a little prosecco, a little pie on a sweet and simple June day.

A grateful nod to Francoise Weeks for her always glorious floral work ~
Great food and fine, friendly service by Sassafras Catering ~
Top notch cupcakes by Sugarcube ~
Mandy’s delicious dress by Elizabeth Dye ~
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