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A Changing Dynamic

Count the cameras… how many do you see? There are 10 in this small slice of the crowd and none of them is my second shooter. The bewildered flower girl has gotten a little disoriented by all of the media attention and someone had to gently point her in the right direction so that the procession could go on.

In our obsessively digital world there are more and more people with their heads down at every turn… I see it every day. They are so busy checking their little blue screens that they miss the next beautiful thing to go by… sounds like a life half lived.

Next time you go to a wedding, maybe you should unplug and just enjoy the day.

Beach Symphony

I come to every wedding ready to document the entire day… the things requested and the many pieces I see that make the story. The random parts that appear in front of my camera, the ones that make my senses sing, are the ones I live for.
This little procession up from the damp beach in Gearhart… ecstatic mom on the rise and the Oregon Symphony guy waiting for the couple and their furry companion to pass… I couldn’t have planned this in any way… just have to track it through the eyepiece. It is a very favorite image of mine and I can’t imagine the day without it.

“Keep a third eye watching behind you. You never know when you’re making a memory… they will wish they were here together again someday…”

~ Ricki Lee Jones