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Glamour… Unexpected


Glamour is something you recognize when you see it. Even a space can have a glamour to it.

Tiffany and Jon wanted to have their first meeting on the rooftop of The Nines so off we went. We did several in the bright September sun with Portland laid out around us. To get to that section of the roof, we had walked through this very dark, breezy space with tall, billowing panels of gauzy fabric. It was sort of trippy and it registered in the back of my mind as something interesting but we were on a tight schedule and she wanted the sunny roof. We did a few more in the restaurant and then it was time to get back to the lobby for the family pictures. We walked by this breezy passage on our way back to the elevators and I got to see it differently. It stopped me in my tracks! I knew if we didn’t do it, it might not look like that if we came back later.

I asked Tiffany to stand in the space and to hold very still… I was working without a tripod and knew that flash would ruin what I was seeing so I turned my shutter way down and leaned hard into that wall. She did her elegant best and we have this glamorous piece as our prize.

A professional photographer will see the possibilities and know how to make them work… count on it. ;0)

Unplugged in Paradise


There are two or three parts of every wedding where you might hope that your guests are actually involved in the emotional conversation… where they are watching and feeling your wedding right along with you. More and more, I see heads down or obscured by devices… during the ceremony, people will actually stand in the aisle during the kiss or walk backwards during the recessional so that they can have the happy couple on their phone video. Same thing with the first dance. It used to be that photos of the crowd around the dance floor would be filled with smiling faces… most focused on the couple. Now, there are cameras, phones, iPads… you name it, but nobody is actually watching them dance.

This particular wedding guest has his not-so-subtle iPad front and center for every bit of the processional, vows and recessional… the only saving grace is that he wasn’t also wearing a red shirt. ;0)

Yes, it impacts what I do as a professional but you have to know that it changes the way a day is remembered for everyone… bride and groom included. Maybe it’s time to turn the tide and ask your guests to be in the moment for the high points of the day at least.

Happy to talk about getting married… ask me anything!