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So Many Summer Fields

This warm afternoon wedding was a completely homespun affair… all of it played out in their yard and nearby neighborhood. Vibrant Table took care of the set up and catering… fabulous food and flowers, as always, but the scope was very comfortable and personal. There was no pretense here… the afternoon played into the soft late light with real people and sweet exchanges… I love these days. As a photographer, I can count on good images when everyone is relaxed and the time sort of spins by without too much of a written schedule. ;0)

This park, this ball field is right down the street from their great old house. I think they will live there a long time and they will remember the brass band playing Beatles’ tunes in their front yard as they walked out from under the tree where they said their vows.

Years will go by… someone will chance on this picture and there will be a recognition and a sweet smile.

The air is wild with leaves…


Crisp and moving, the late light comes early now. I don’t do it often but I am sometimes lucky to go out with my camera and wander… eyes open, no plan. We call it Walk About…


There was a time when my camera life was all my own… no clients to answer to… “unfettered and alive” and this was how I spent my free time.


Now, you might call it a stretching exercise, a chance to get away from the desk for an attitude adjustment. It makes my inner child smile… and breathe.