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A Little More

25 Random Things….

1. I always wish upon a star ….starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight….

2. Born in Alameda at the Naval Station, 8 years in Santa Rosa, California, 13 years in Salem, Virginia, 3 years in New Orleans’ French Quarter, 1 really, really long year in Atlanta, 3 years in Boston’s Back Bay, 36 years in Portland and still in love with this town!

3. Dad and I ran road rallies and auto-crosses as members of the Old Dominion Sports Car Club in Virginia.

4. I have owned my MBGT for 36 years and it was my only car until 2013 ….. it was 7 when I bought it.

5. I have a healthy green thumb and I’m not afraid to use it.

6. I miss film.

7. I chose to skip college so that I could make pictures in different places so I went to work behind a bar… 15 years later, I was the first woman to wait tables at Jake’s Famous Crawfish….my glass ceiling work is done.

8. I love learning new things…..lucky for me Digital keeps changing.

9. Glass half full to a fault……very Pollyanna!

10. I expect people to be real and true and I am always surprised if they aren’t.

11. There were peacocks up the hill from our house in Santa Rosa.

12. I love and miss unstructured time.

13. I had a cool german camera with a folding bellows when I was 12….back when my parents picked up the tab for film.

14. Heaven is a shady spot on a summer day with a book and a breeze.

15. Me and my sweetie like to play hooky and drive to the beach to fly kites…..very zen for me….I have one of those two string stunt kites. I don’t crash it much anymore.

16. One life goal is to learn to cook more wonderful things….my repertoire is small.

17. I will never be confused with Martha Stewart…..entertaining freaks me out.

18. I have a younger and very talented sister….she cooks and paints.

19. I love yard work if there’s no pressure…….again with the not Martha Stewartness.

20. I used to have a much better gym ethic but I am working on it again.

21. Hot Flashes R Us

22. I love to look at people in hats…..good hats, not every hat.

23. Dark chocolate is the only real chocolate.

24. If I were rich, I’d still be a photographer.

25. I am very rich in friends. Lucky.