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All the Pretty Pieces


Meg and Trevor had one of the most memorable weddings in my career. Last minute changes took them from the Art Museum to a private vineyard outside of Dundee and it made a world of difference! I imagine the timing took a small toll on the planning but it came together as if it had been the original venue all along. Soiree was the engine driving the organization and all of the vendors were top notch… we even had two members of the Portland Opera in this impressive list.

Stoller Vineyard has a circle of trees and a flat area down the hill from the vines… on this August day, I arrived to find a very elegant dinner setting under a large tent… Francoise Weeks Florist was staging the tables with orchids and astounding woodland textures, Molli from Soiree had her team tasked with all sorts of little details… personalized place settings, a small table of grass to hold the seating assignment cards, golden bamboo chairs… little embellishments too numerous to count.

Meanwhile, in a different section, Vibrant Table was fashioning a feast… the grilled salmon was making everyone hungry. Across the checkered dance floor, Pepe and the Bottle Blonds were getting set up and near the ceremony site, the sounds of opera warming up… the lyrics were printed and hung over each chair for the guests to read.

I have to say it’s always been a favorite part of my day to watch as all of the pieces get stitched into one incredible weave… I get to photograph the parts and the process. The final cloth is so gorgeous!

Classic Delights


Every time people come to this cake in my wedding portfolio, and I mean every time, they smile and laugh! You can just about see them tasting it in their minds. This Rice Krispy cake is, of course, displayed on a splendid stand and topped with a charming family heirloom from long ago. Seems to me that if this is what you want, dress it for the day and go with it… it was delicious!

Stoller Vineyards provided the stellar backdrop and the opera singers nearby didn’t hurt the ambiance at all. ;0)