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Behind the Scenes


You might not know it, but behind the scenes at every wedding swirls a cast of thousands!
Maybe it just seems that way but it’s a favorite part of the day for me… maybe it’s the only gambling I do as I watch the teamwork at hand from the beginning to the end.

Next door to the dance floor was a staging room of sorts… I walked by and saw a cake… of sorts. The small room was gradually taken over by three guest performers. All of them getting into the mood and waiting for show time.
I asked Crystal Lynn to let me have a moment of her time before she climbed into the cake… the crowd loved the unexpected show!
Behind the scenes is always an adventure. ;0)

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Happy to help!!

Jason’s Big Secret

Annie loves firetrucks… always has and always will, according to Jason. Unbeknownst to her, he found a 1942 fire engine and was able to surprise the heck out of her. The engine drove up while we were outside doing a few portraits… she was thrilled! The fireman leaned out of the cab and said ” I hear there’s a wedding emergency!” She laughed through her tears and they all drove off for a short town tour.

Originally, Jason was afraid to tell me or the wedding planner about his secret but when he did, we were able to get Annie outside in good light without letting it slip. I am telling you this in case you have secret plans for your wedding day… it helps to have a little teamwork sometimes.

I love weddings… come see for yourself.