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Imagine the Day


Imagine the day ahead of you… the day you thought would never arrive.
Nicole settled into the limo for the ride to the church and she actually paused for a moment to drink it in. Jon was pulling out of the driveway with his Best Man in the shiny blue convertible, both sharply dressed… looking for all the world like something out of the Kennedy years. The family groups and the wedding party photos had been taken care of in the morning garden, a small brunch had been shared and everyone was now traveling towards the rest of the day. I imagine that each of them was thinking about the day ahead and all were looking forward to it.

Imagine hiring a true professional to help you remember all of the little parts of this marvelous day! ;0)

A Little Traveling Music

Today is one of those fine, bright days and it makes me feel like going somewhere. Since I can’t just walk away from my chores, I can travel a little in my head. My chores involve updating my blog and client galleries and adding a mobile site… none will be finished today but since I am office-bound, I should make a start on it.

The blog update starts with this larger image… too bad it doesn’t make the previous images bigger but by the time a few posts go by, maybe it won’t be so noticeable. ;0)

Meanwhile, hop the ferry on a sunny afternoon and feel the breezes in your face…