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The Circle Unbroken

Ring shots run the gamut between corny and something memorable. I don’t do them unless requested and I prefer that my couples have something in mind that fits them. These two had a beautiful vineyard wedding planned so I asked them to bring a nice cluster of champagne grapes to the wedding. The season wasn’t right for pilfering from the venue and I think that’s kind of rude anyway. So far, there have been various fruits, shoes and flowers and bicycles involved. I have found that coffee beans are too dang slick, however… the rings just sink right through them. FYI. ;0)

Location Scout

Whenever possible, I go out to a venue about a week before the wedding date to check out the light. Granted, our lovely Oregon weather can be a real game changer but soft cloudy days are fine… it’s the really hard bright days that you need to be ready for.

Large and rowdy group shots at 2:00 on a sunny afternoon? You bet… let’s go over where we can get the best light. Jac and Drew came with me to approve this location… the original plan would have been pretty awful. ;0)

Work with your professional photographer… good things will happen!


The best place to start the conversation is right here… pick up the phone, send me an e-mail, or you can leave a comment below, ok? Tell me what you have in mind.

If you are inquiring about Wedding Photography, it would be great if you could include the date and your venue… any other details you care to share are always helpful. It will help me be better prepared when I call you back. Be sure to include your phone, too.

In either case, I am happy to answer as many questions as you can ask. You might consider starting with a meeting… there is a lot of ground that can be covered in a face to face. Besides, I firmly believe that anything photographic is a collaboration between the people on either side of the camera… it helps if we get to know each other.


You can reach me at 503-246-5378 (call | text) or drop me a line at jamie@bosworthstudio.com

Conveniently located in SW Portland… by appointment, please.