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Splendid Light for Wedding Portraits


There once was a wedding on a sunny farm in Newberg… high in the hills on a very hot August day. We had to do some dancing around our original schedule to accommodate the flavor of the light. There literally was no place to go for romantic portraits until after dinner… that’s when the sun had gotten low enough to give us this lovely light for softer portraits. What I like is that Betsy and Rob trusted me to make it work. We slipped out to the back of the property between dinner and toasts… we only needed these ten minutes but we couldn’t have had them at any other point in the day.

Vibrant Table designed and catered this marvelous day… they were able to roll with the weather, too. ;0)

Keep your plans flexible if you can..you won’t regret it!

There’s No Place Like Home


There’s no place like home to have a wonderful wedding! I woke up this morning thinking about how I’d like to give my yard a makeover… somehow that thought process led me to some of my favorite home weddings. This one, from a few summers ago, was an absolute treat! Kristin & Chad have a lovely old home in the Kenton neighborhood and they decided to hold their wedding in their own backyard. They did it up right with a 5 piece brass band playing Beatles tunes, paper lanterns strung in the branches of the big tree and all of the tables on the lawn. Vibrant Table Catering set up a bar across from the front porch swing and the buffet was arranged on the back deck.

I guess the best thing about a home wedding is the utterly relaxed vibe… there is something about being able to take off your shoes as you sit on the lawn with all sorts of other relaxed people… it generally doesn’t happen that way in the big fancy ballroom weddings. ;0)

I wouldn’t have missed this one for the world!

Just a Little Damp

Yes, sometimes it rains in August. Over the years, it seems as if you can look for rain on any weekend where Oregon goes camping… just an observation. ;0)

We had two massive downpours during a day of otherwise glorious light. Vibrant Table had to reset everything twice… they persevered with grace and energy. Vista Hills Vineyard is lovely… the staff was shoulder to shoulder with the catering crew to keep things dry and running well. Hats off to a very brave couple… Stephanie and Lee decided to stick to the original plan and were richly rewarded!

Into the Blue

Betsy traveled from an island off of the coast of South Carolina to marry Rob on the top of Bull Mountain. Hot, breezy and filled with happy guests, the day was an absolute treat! Vibrant Table ran the show with their usual charm and skill. We had dogs and babies and a whirling windmill on her Mom’s green farm. The raised beds in the vegetable garden framed the tented tables and the dance floor was next to the cute potting shed where they cut the cake. All in all, another home wedding to add to my list of favorites!

It was a clear blue day from start to finish… the last pictures of the day still had a deep blue sky as a backdrop to the crowded dance floor.

So Many Summer Fields

This warm afternoon wedding was a completely homespun affair… all of it played out in their yard and nearby neighborhood. Vibrant Table took care of the set up and catering… fabulous food and flowers, as always, but the scope was very comfortable and personal. There was no pretense here… the afternoon played into the soft late light with real people and sweet exchanges… I love these days. As a photographer, I can count on good images when everyone is relaxed and the time sort of spins by without too much of a written schedule. ;0)

This park, this ball field is right down the street from their great old house. I think they will live there a long time and they will remember the brass band playing Beatles’ tunes in their front yard as they walked out from under the tree where they said their vows.

Years will go by… someone will chance on this picture and there will be a recognition and a sweet smile.