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All the Pretty Pieces


Meg and Trevor had one of the most memorable weddings in my career. Last minute changes took them from the Art Museum to a private vineyard outside of Dundee and it made a world of difference! I imagine the timing took a small toll on the planning but it came together as if it had been the original venue all along. Soiree was the engine driving the organization and all of the vendors were top notch… we even had two members of the Portland Opera in this impressive list.

Stoller Vineyard has a circle of trees and a flat area down the hill from the vines… on this August day, I arrived to find a very elegant dinner setting under a large tent… Francoise Weeks Florist was staging the tables with orchids and astounding woodland textures, Molli from Soiree had her team tasked with all sorts of little details… personalized place settings, a small table of grass to hold the seating assignment cards, golden bamboo chairs… little embellishments too numerous to count.

Meanwhile, in a different section, Vibrant Table was fashioning a feast… the grilled salmon was making everyone hungry. Across the checkered dance floor, Pepe and the Bottle Blonds were getting set up and near the ceremony site, the sounds of opera warming up… the lyrics were printed and hung over each chair for the guests to read.

I have to say it’s always been a favorite part of my day to watch as all of the pieces get stitched into one incredible weave… I get to photograph the parts and the process. The final cloth is so gorgeous!

Play the Hand You’re Dealt

October in Oregon gives us some glorious days of wild suspense… in the hour drive from Portland to Yamhill, we passed through many types of weather. As a long time professional, I have learned to keep my eyes open on the way rather than make too many set plans ahead of time… it keeps me open to the possibilities.

Brooke and John got ready for their vineyard wedding at a friend’s beautiful home… as we drove up the driveway, I decided to ask if they might like the idea of the gate-keeper pumpkins for their wedding party shot. Turns out it was just right. ;0)

Dance the Breeze

Believe it or not, this dress had been attacked by a red-wine wielding mom about an hour before… ok, maybe not attacked but let’s just say that an unfortunate incident occurred before the dress came off the hanger. When I arrived, Kurt was in the dusty driveway sweating bullets, warning me of a dark mood in the dressing room. However, Molly had risen above the panic and some talented soul had blotted every trace of stain out of the creamy silk.

May I recommend a dress made of Shantung silk for anyone wanting a delightfully dancy dress impervious to insult? It was a dream to photograph! They were, too. ;0)

The Circle Unbroken

Ring shots run the gamut between corny and something memorable. I don’t do them unless requested and I prefer that my couples have something in mind that fits them. These two had a beautiful vineyard wedding planned so I asked them to bring a nice cluster of champagne grapes to the wedding. The season wasn’t right for pilfering from the venue and I think that’s kind of rude anyway. So far, there have been various fruits, shoes and flowers and bicycles involved. I have found that coffee beans are too dang slick, however… the rings just sink right through them. FYI. ;0)