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A Heaven in Oregon


A kind of Heaven can be found in Oregon most of the year but as Summer starts to travel into Fall, there is a special quality to the light… it’s my favorite time for country weddings. Oregon’s wine country is where you should start your search. Take a late afternoon tour of a few vineyards that offer weddings… go see what they look like in the soft evening light. The mid-day sun will be too harsh. The image above was taken just after 7:00 on the last day of August… we were on a quiet road outside of Vista Hills Vineyard a few years ago. From where I stood, it might as well have been Tuscany… it was a Heaven, indeed!

A little back story for that day – it rained buckets before the ceremony and the catering company expected the bride to give up on the outdoor plans. She persevered, the caterers reset the soggy tables and we had the most astounding skies for getting married under!

Just a Little Damp

Yes, sometimes it rains in August. Over the years, it seems as if you can look for rain on any weekend where Oregon goes camping… just an observation. ;0)

We had two massive downpours during a day of otherwise glorious light. Vibrant Table had to reset everything twice… they persevered with grace and energy. Vista Hills Vineyard is lovely… the staff was shoulder to shoulder with the catering crew to keep things dry and running well. Hats off to a very brave couple… Stephanie and Lee decided to stick to the original plan and were richly rewarded!

Bluejeans to Bride

Used to be that women of a certain class had a full compliment of assistants to get them dressed and out the door… these days it’s more likely to be your best friends from college helping you put the finishing touches in place.
This is a great place for your photographic story to start… just past hair and makeup when you transform from the girl next door to a stunning bride. From any day to Wedding Day.

There are stories to be told all day long and that is why I love this work!