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No pictures in this post

Just a heartfelt thanks to a colleague who is becoming a good friend.

Randy Kepple is a fine photographer in my local circle…his work speaks for itself but I am here to talk about his willingness to help other photographers.

In terms of  professional camaraderie, Portland has been an unusually chummy town as far as I can tell. For at least 15 years, the best and brightest have been on a social cruise….yes, there are ebbs and flows within our circles, some people hang out more than others and some just skim the edges but, mostly, we all feel pretty free asking questions, sharing technological details, and just providing moral support for each other. I don’t know too many other cities with this sort of long term dynamic. One of the most important things to come out of this group is professional back up. I doubt many brides give it much thought but I always have the ‘if I get hit by a bus’ conversation with mine. The clients need to know that if something happens to me, there is a group of professionals out there who will figure out how to get her wedding covered at her original agreement without sacrificing the style of work she was hoping for.

Randy Kepple and JP of AJ’s Studio joined Craig Mitchelldyer to forge a communal blog for 24 of Portland’s best wedding photographers. I believe these guys slept standing up for at least two weeks. The result is a great blog called My Portland Photographer…. check it out.  It launched at the beginning of March and has been going gang busters ever since. We have a great pool of talent in this town! These people are passionate and professional…these are not your weekend warriors… these are not your Craig’s list newbies.

Back to Randy. I had recently taken on the task of updating my ancient web site…a daunting task especially for a non geek like myself. I was doing pretty well with my template and advice from many of my colleagues…. pretty well, that is, until I started to look at the blog set up. My brain froze. I called Randy as he is one of about 3 gurus I can ask about the complex stuff and he basically held my hand for a week and a half to get this thing set up. He was in new territory for parts of it and he just kept plowing forward. I would most certainly be blogless if he hadn’t helped. He may not realize how much help and advice he made available. I know he has a life of his own and a business to feed…if I can ever return the favor of his time, I will… no questions asked.