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Little Bits


It didn’t really start until last Spring… that nagging feeling that I was missing out on some of the fun. Seems like everyone at the party always has one of these things and I wanted to play, too. Now when I cover a wedding, my iPhone is always in my pocket, ready to take a slightly different version of the day. It gives me another flavor of film, if you will, to bring to the table. Mind you, it’s not what I have in hand for very much of the day but when it’s appropriate for the shot, why not?

When you get right down to it, the tools of the trade are many but it’s the eye that counts. ;0)


p090403cafe003wbWhat I like about meetings or doctor appointments is that I get to sit and look around with no agenda. Most times I take a book because the waiting room choices are usually just not my idea of a good time. But if I have a meeting like today where a camera isn’t too intrusive, it gives me a chance to stretch a little…. a chance to just watch a piece of a day go by. 

The meeting was about wedding photography… it was about trying to pull in a segment of the client base who might not see us. It was about pooling a remarkable set of local talents in this very scary recession. We all want to work and we all need to balance our reputations against our mortgages just like everyone else. As a business owner you have to draw a fine line between profit and panic and that means finding a few shortcuts between what you know and what you know you can offer.

Keep an eye on this space …. there is a new deal coming soon.