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Portraits in the Age of Global Warming


Global warming came to our lovely town last week and she has overstayed her welcome. I’ve lived in Portland for 35 years and this last couple of summers have been much less predictable than usual… it might be time to consider getting married in our cooler months… maybe give up on some of the scorching sunny weekends that have always been so popular. This weekend found me at two weddings where we had to change up our portrait plans to save ourselves. In the process, I had to step away from the ideas previously set and aim us in different directions.

Monday’s wedding was set for the Blue Sky Gallery in the Park Blocks… a cool and cozy space for an intimate crowd. Kira and Terry requested that I be available to take portraits of their guests so, during brunch, I looked in all of the corners of the venue to see if I could avoid taking people out into the hard, hot light. A very small space behind the piano and the window display caught my eye so I asked the couple who attended to the bride to come sit for me. I was quite intrigued by the tones and the clothes in that small, graphic space. Since they could be seen from the other end of the room, I was pleasantly surprised to have a steady stream of subjects come play in that space, including the bride and groom.



Kudos always to my friend Kara Markovich of Ella Events… fabulous wedding planner!!

Kira and Terry are going to have some real and interesting portraits of some of their dearest people… pictures that last a very long time. And no one had to sweat. ;0)

Global warming is going to hand us a lot of stuff to deal with… stay flexible, ok?

Jason’s Big Secret

Annie loves firetrucks… always has and always will, according to Jason. Unbeknownst to her, he found a 1942 fire engine and was able to surprise the heck out of her. The engine drove up while we were outside doing a few portraits… she was thrilled! The fireman leaned out of the cab and said ” I hear there’s a wedding emergency!” She laughed through her tears and they all drove off for a short town tour.

Originally, Jason was afraid to tell me or the wedding planner about his secret but when he did, we were able to get Annie outside in good light without letting it slip. I am telling you this in case you have secret plans for your wedding day… it helps to have a little teamwork sometimes.

I love weddings… come see for yourself.