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A Paradise for August Weddings


Oregon is a paradise for August weddings… it’s a golden time of year, here. In central Oregon, it is doubly so.

Amanda and Hansford got married at the Crag Rat Hut just outside of Parkdale. It’s not a fancy place but it has a very cool vibe dating from the 1920’s and is perfect for any adventurous outdoor types. These two had a close set of family and friends join them for the afternoon and Mt. Hood was right there to enjoy their party, too. We watched the light changing on the mountain all through the day… it made for a very elegant backdrop.

In August weddings, the best light is a little after dinner so we trekked down the hill after a grand feast and after pie… a great excuse to stretch a bit after all that food. In the process we took about 20 minutes of sweet portraits in that golden light and they got to have a little time to themselves out of my earshot. I think it’s pretty important that all couples get a little time out of the crowd and out of my hearing to just marvel at the day… it’s a very sweet and personal time.

Maybe it’s the lemur in me for posting this on a chilly Spring day but I wouldn’t have missed this one for the world!

Splendid Light for Wedding Portraits


There once was a wedding on a sunny farm in Newberg… high in the hills on a very hot August day. We had to do some dancing around our original schedule to accommodate the flavor of the light. There literally was no place to go for romantic portraits until after dinner… that’s when the sun had gotten low enough to give us this lovely light for softer portraits. What I like is that Betsy and Rob trusted me to make it work. We slipped out to the back of the property between dinner and toasts… we only needed these ten minutes but we couldn’t have had them at any other point in the day.

Vibrant Table designed and catered this marvelous day… they were able to roll with the weather, too. ;0)

Keep your plans flexible if you can..you won’t regret it!

Bring It!


Exuberance was the name of the game on this August Saturday. You know it when you see it… I caught them clowning on the way to where we were going to do some portraits in the late light.

There wasn’t a time during this entire day where I caught Allie or Matt looking like they wanted to be anywhere else. For me, that means a lot…. if you can bring that level of enthusiasm to your wedding, you will be rewarded with lots of wonderful, happy pictures. Thirty years from now, this one will still make both of them smile. ;0)

Many Married Moments


In the course of a wedding day there are many moments that you may remember and I always hope one of them is the first conversation between just the two of you. With that in mind, I know that the photography can be a little intrusive at times. Every couple has different needs regarding privacy… some will say “We are going to take ten minutes to ourselves” and some won’t say anything at all but if I can give them some space as we work, I will.

Shannon and Randy got married in the tiny town of Condon, Oregon… wheat and wind and mostly sunshine. We had about a half an hour between the ceremony and the reception to do some portraits of the two of them… we split it between these shadowed silos at the edge of town and a stubbled wheat field out by the cemetery. I know Randy is quite camera shy so the conversation may have been about that but I’m hoping it was more a chance to marvel at being married!

Hang around and check out my work if you have a few minutes… I am always happy to share. ;0)

Two Trains

At the end of May, I ran a similar post from this wedding. It was also taken on the MAX station platform… at the time, I thought I liked it better. Turns out that this one suits me best. Mary Beth and Patrick wanted to do some of their wedding portraits with the train running in the background so we did several as the the train pulled in… then, as we were congratulating ourselves for getting what we wanted, we heard a second train coming into the other side! We raced around to catch that one and I got to see it differently… the kiss becomes the thing and the train plays the dramatic background… much better.