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Home is Where the Hearts Are


Home, your personal space, is a great place to have an engagement session. Sure, the trend is to go stand in a set of railroad tracks with a vintage suitcase but is that really you? Do you really want a headless portrait that shows off your socks? Instead, your home has that insanely cool lamp in the living room and that great rusty gate in the back yard… the one that the previous artist-owner built before you bought the house… before you made it your home.

No doubt, I repeat myself on this particular topic, but I think it’s important to keep a sense of your history alive in your photographs. Looking back through the family photos in my life I can see the homes we made, the cars we drove and the various dogs and cats we loved. None of that was faked or out of true… real life can be pretty cool.
Besides, walking on the railroad tracks is against the law and common sense. ;0)

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The Sweetest Ambush

Paul called a day ahead of this sweet little encounter and he sounded so excited, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the plan. Marla had no idea but I could see the realization dawning as he walked her up the rainy steps at Washington Park last Friday.

She said yes and it was all over in an audible heartbeat… he whisked her off to a surprise dinner and I believe the romantic bar has been set delightfully high!

Always happy to be a witness to this classy kind of start… I hope this makes you smile, too!