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Kiss and Run!


Two lovers kiss and run away into the sun.. shielded by the blueberries, they turn, laughing, to watch the crowd that came to see them wed. After a few minutes, some kind soul brings them glasses of wine and they take their time drinking in the fact that they had actually gotten married.

I watch it at every wedding… the point where reality settles in and two people look at each other with a new light in their faces. It doesn’t hurt to take yourselves out of the crowd for a few minutes alone. Do it for the wonder of each other, don’t do it to discuss wedding details. Do it so you can go back to your crowd as a shiny new couple and really enjoy the rest of the day.

It is a pure privilege to be in a front row seat when these emotions run so close and high… I love my job!

All Aboard!

What a lovely day for a trolley ride! Brooke and John had a wonderful and well attended celebration high on a hill in Carlton… the private vineyard was decked out with every convenience except parking. The answer to that was to have their guests park on the road below and take the trolley up the steep dirt road. Based out of McMinnville, The Trolley is a local company staffed by really nice people… just the kind of folks you’d hire for a wine tour or a wedding in the middle of our lush wine country.

This portrait of driver Dick Oviat was taken with my Lensbaby Tilt Transformer… I love the mood I get from one of my favorite toys!

A Touch of Tuscany

Vista Hills Vineyard in late August… we have an absolute heaven right here in Oregon. Our vineyards are all within about a 45 minute drive from Portland… it’s the best of both worlds. That proximity has become a marvelous reason to get married in these beautiful rolling hills.

Stephanie and Lee took a break with their friends a little before dinner… there was wine passed and laughter on that summer road. Come to Oregon. Bring your dreams.

Flori says…

Traditionalisti, progressisiti. Bah. Maybe the only thing that matters is to make our lives last as long as we do. You know, to make a life last until it ends, to make all the parts come out even, like when you rub the last piece of bread in the last drop of oil on your plate and eat it with the last sip of wine in your glass.”

A Thousand Days in Tuscany — Marlena De Blasi