A Little More

25 Random Things….

1. I always wish upon a star ….starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight….

2. Born in Alameda at the Naval Station, 8 years in Santa Rosa, California, 13 years in Salem, Virginia, 3 years in New Orleans’ French Quarter, 1 really, really long year in Atlanta, 3 years in Boston’s Back Bay, 36 years in Portland and still in love with this town!

3. Dad and I ran road rallies and auto-crosses as members of the Old Dominion Sports Car Club in Virginia.

4. I have owned my MBGT for 36 years and it was my only car until 2013 ….. it was 7 when I bought it.

5. I have a healthy green thumb and I’m not afraid to use it.

6. I miss film.

7. I chose to skip college so that I could make pictures in different places so I went to work behind a bar… 15 years later, I was the first woman to wait tables at Jake’s Famous Crawfish….my glass ceiling work is done.

8. I love learning new things…..lucky for me Digital keeps changing.

9. Glass half full to a fault……very Pollyanna!

10. I expect people to be real and true and I am always surprised if they aren’t.

11. There were peacocks up the hill from our house in Santa Rosa.

12. I love and miss unstructured time.

13. I had a cool german camera with a folding bellows when I was 12….back when my parents picked up the tab for film.

14. Heaven is a shady spot on a summer day with a book and a breeze.

15. Me and my sweetie like to play hooky and drive to the beach to fly kites…..very zen for me….I have one of those two string stunt kites. I don’t crash it much anymore.

16. One life goal is to learn to cook more wonderful things….my repertoire is small.

17. I will never be confused with Martha Stewart…..entertaining freaks me out.

18. I have a younger and very talented sister….she cooks and paints.

19. I love yard work if there’s no pressure…….again with the not Martha Stewartness.

20. I used to have a much better gym ethic but I am working on it again.

21. Hot Flashes R Us

22. I love to look at people in hats…..good hats, not every hat.

23. Dark chocolate is the only real chocolate.

24. If I were rich, I’d still be a photographer.

25. I am very rich in friends. Lucky.

3 thoughts on “A Little More

  1. Mark Wilson

    Dear: Ms. Bosworth:
    My Name is Mark Wilson. My Greatgrandmother was Nora Bosworth Wilson the oldiest sister of Allie Rucker Bosworth. In reviewing your personal information, I see that you were born in California and also lived in Virginia. Since this coincides with Allie’s history, I thought I might take a chance and see if you are related to Allie. The only child I have been able to trace was Allen Bernard Bosworth. If you are related and if you are at all interested in family history, I would love to communicate with you. I have a number of photos of Woodie and Bettie as well as some of the children.

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Mark,
    I have tried to reply and the e mail has gotten kicked back both times. Any chance you have an alternate address?
    We do share some family and I’d love to talk to you about it.


  3. Randy

    It makes me happy that I already knew a majority of these things about you! That means you’re a great friend, and indeed you are! Such a rich tapestry of experiences and yet this is not even the highlight reel. These are a few, randomly plucked twinkles from your amazing journey.

    I must confess that I haven’t been to your blog in a while and was simply blown away at how your vision and talent continue to grow and evolve. You are really settling into a nice place and it’s very enjoyable. I very distinctly remember one of our first conversations, where you were resisting the move to digital. Those days are far behind and I’d say you’ve risen to the challenge and far exceeded perhaps even your own expectations.

    What a joy to know you! Thanks for bringing us along on your journey!


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