Time and again

peanuts-1I don’t understand how it happens every year. April gets by me even though I make a conscious effort going in to be present for this magic month.

Of course, I have the same problem with October. I am certain it’s a disciplinary thing… it means I need to schedule it, I guess.

The attention needed to keep the laundry done and the groceries stocked rivals the business stuff…. and somehow in all of that, the wild beauty outside my door just pushes up out of the ragged winter without me.

Sure, I have had two chances in 26 days to go play in the dirt… lawnmowers and weed pulling …. some serious pruning, a little slug bait… what I am too keenly aware of is that May will gallop headlong into November and I will be startled once again to find my narrow year almost gone.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a short year except for the wide days that come when you aren’t looking…. I hope I am ready to sit in a shady spot with a book at least once or twice.

2 thoughts on “Time and again

  1. Randy

    I can totally relate to that comic strip. 🙂

    May you find your wide days this summer and by that I don’t mean anything to do with food. It’s the spaces between the moments in life.

    Step away from the computer…

  2. Cheryl Paulson

    I remember the first time I saw your work, I asked, “Who is this photographer?” I want to meet her. I loved what I saw and I wanted to be friends with you. And after all these years your work is still fresh and exciting and you are one of my very best friends.
    Love you gal pal.

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