Tip of the Iceberg


I guess it had to happen eventually… our professional photographic community got an e mail from The Nines Hotel this week detailing a new fee schedule for any photographs taken on their property. This makes sense for a hotel trying to just be a hotel instead of a destination for anyone in town with a camera… yes, it’s a very pretty space but it’s a private space and, understandably, they have gotten very tired of tripping over photographers. I get that. My concern is that the brides might not understand and it will be a budget issue in every case. The fees are high enough to give everyone pause, high enough that the wedding client should not expect her photographer to carry the fee. If you are planning your wedding day with this hotel as part of it, please be ready for the conversation with your professional photographer.

There is also now an annual fee to photograph clients in Portland’s public spaces… if your photographer doesn’t have that big yellow permit hanging from her bag, chances are you might get kicked out of the park. These are things that you, as clients, need to be aware of. Do your homework, hire the pros so that your plans go smoothly.

If this is the beginning of the crackdown, we will all need to step back and have a very serious discussion about expectations on both sides of the issue. Maybe it’s time to require that photographers be licensed… maybe if we are actually serious about this line of work, we will treat it more carefully, with more respect.

Happy to answer any questions you might have in this complicated process.

For accuracy, the original e mail:

Beginning January 1, 2013, Photography at the Nines hotel will need to be scheduled for all weddings and photo shoots in the hotel lobby, atrium, library, grand staircase, and 6th floor. Fees for photography at the Nines will be assessed as follows:

Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception held at the Nines


Contracted Guestroom Block at the Nines


Guestroom at the Nines


No Guestroom or Reception at the Nines

*Time slots to be confirmed 2 weeks prior to photography date.


Departure—West Deck ONLY

Arrangements make through Departure’s marketing dept.

In order to schedule a time slot, guest or photographer may contact the Nines Catering office at (503) 802-4830. Walk-ins are welcome, however they are subject to availability as well as the photography fees listed above. There is not a fee for photos inside reserved guestrooms.

For any questions or to schedule photography time, please contact the Nines catering office.

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