Translation is the rendering of the same ideas in a different language from the original. Jen’s dress was hanging next to her exotic shawl when I got to the condo. The shawl got most of my attention in the initial encounter. She continued getting ready and the chatter was about getting to the Tram on time. I busied myself with some other small details until she got into her dress. Having met her in a pretty casual outfit and then, today, in her bathrobe, I was stunned by how perfectly she and that dress came together. I love it when my clients have such a great sense of what works!

We had our small parade of women walking to the Tram knowing that Mike was waiting at the top. Jen rocked that dress for several good portraits while we waited to board but it was at the top when I saw a space to really make it work… the opposite wall had the same rich base tones as her shawl.We didn’t have more than a couple of minutes but it made all the difference. ;0)

Translation is really what photography is about if you think about it. A special day is set in motion and a good photographer is there to translate it for future enjoyment. When it is done with an open mind and a willing heart, the results are priceless.

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